Answers to Some Common Questions

  • What’s your personal background?

I’ve been able to hear, see, and share communication with beings in the spiritual realm for as long as I can remember. My dad’s family background is rooted in a German ethnic group in Eastern Europe, in Romania, Yugoslavia and Hungary. It’s likely that my clairvoyant abilities come from his side. My mom’s family background is English, from Scotland and Wales. Some members of her family were among the original New World settlers in the Americas. My natural focus likely comes from her side.

  • What’s your professional background?

I hold two university degrees, a B.S. and an M.S. in the natural sciences. My teaching experience is rooted in my work in environmental science and education.

  • I’m new to the psychic realm. Can you offer any advice regarding where I should start?

Definitely! Start out by perusing my blog. Feel free to post questions in the comments sections, or send me an email.

  • I want to stay current regarding your latest posts and news stories. How can I do that?

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