What Does Seeing an Owl Mean?


Owls are very interesting animals and they have always been fascinating to people around them. They have a giant wingspan and they are animals that aren’t seen often.

An owl can be a bird that is a great spirit animal for people and they can let you know that you have things that are good in you that you might not even know.

So, what does it mean when you see an owl? Do you think that an owl can mean death? Are owl sightings considered good luck or bad luck?


An owl is a bird of prey and is one that hunts mostly during the nighttime hours. There are more than twenty different kinds of owls in America and there are more than 200 species of owls all over the world.

Owls live in every region except some of the polar regions. They come in different sizes as little as a few inches to up to six-foot wingspan. Owls eat meat such as rabbits, fish, cats, dogs and more. They will eat whatever is available to them when they hunt.

Owls have great night vision, and they are able to hear things from far away. They can turn their heads in almost a complete circle because the extra bones in their neck. They have feathers that allow them to hide int heir surroundings and they are very active at night. Some owls are even active in the day such as the short-eared owls.

Owls are not birds that will mate for life and the males will be with females wherever their territory is. The female owls take on different mates and there aren’t two owls that stay together for life. Sometimes owls can live close to humans, and they are appreciated because they eat the rodents and the pests. Owls can live a variety of years depending on their species and some can live up to 30 years in captivity.

Owl Symbols

Owls are more than what they look like, and they are considered a spiritual animal. They have a meaning when people see them. Different people believe that owls mean different things.

Hooting Owls

When you hear an owl hooting it can mean something different depending on science. Sometimes it can mean that they are trying to defend where they live, while they are showing people that they have boundaries. When an owl hoots, it is like talking and they are telling people and other animals not to invade their home. The hoot can also mean that they are trying to find a mate. When an owl is hooting a lot, it can mean that they are talking to other owls or scaring off things that are close to their home.

Hooting owls is considered something that is good luck. Some believe that when an owl hoots that they are trying to communicate to someone special.

There are other sounds that owls make such as barking, clucking, cheeping and more. They don’t all howl and some of them will make different sounds depending on what they are doing or what species they are.

Owls in the Day

When you see an owl in the day it can mean that they are trying to give you a sign. This can mean that something bad is coming to you and they are trying to warn you. Seeing an owl in the day is not normal and when you see one, it can also mean you are blessed or wise.

Seeing an owl for other people can mean that you will die. This doesn’t mean that it is true but it is a tale that some believe in.

Owls at Night

You will more likely see an owl at night than in the day. You can know where they hunt and if you hang around then you will get a chance to see them sometimes. Owls do move from place to place. When you see an owl at night it can mean that you are going to have good luck. It can also mean that they want to give you a warning.

Some believe that when you see an owl or hear one that your while will become part of magic. It can mean that your baby is going to die. In the Middle Ages, some believed that animals that were active at night were part of the devil and they would kill people if they could. Owls are not evil though and some believe that owls are the souls of women that have died and are good to come across.

Flying Owls

Flying owls can mean that there are messages of wisdom that they want to share. If one comes to you often, listen to what your gut feeling is telling you. Find out the answers to life’s questions. The owl might be bringing blessings to your life.

An owl that is landing can mean that they are delivering something specifically to you. This can be a message that someone you know is dying or it can be something of wisdom. It can also mean that you will see changes come into your life. You might even take it as a major change coming. Even though change is scary for some people, owls don’t make the change, they just warn you about it.

Great Horned Owl

This is an owl that has very large eyes. They have amber eyes, and they are full of wisdom. This owl can be mysterious, and it can hide itself well. When you see one of these, they carry a wisdom with them that you might not know. They will help people to hide themselves and some believe that they are like Zuni warriors. Their feathers help them to be unseen when necessary.

Screech Owl

Screech owls will give you warning signs. They can tell you when danger is coming or when there will be disasters. Pay attention if you see one of these owls. They can also represent love and being monogamous. They are owls that have one partner, and they co-parent with each other. This can mean for you that you will find your soulmate soon.

White Owls

White owls can mean that you are going to have wealth and prosperity. It can be good luck to see this kind of owl. They can bring blessings to you.

Black Owls

Black owls can represent exploration and finding out who you are. If you see a black owl then you will be able to take your powers and to find out your weaknesses. You will see your strengths and you can be the best you can be.

Owls and Death

People often think that an owl can mean death. When you see the back of an owl and it turns just its head at you, it can be confusing. If you see this when you are in a graveyard it can be very creepy. Owls sometimes are eating their prey when you see them and this can symbolize death in certain cultures. An owl doesn’t cause death but it is just an omen that some believe in. Others believe that owls like this only bring good luck.

Dead Owls

A dead owl that you see can mean that you are going to be able to avoid something disastrous. It can mean that bad luck is being chased away. The Romans believed that an owl that is close to your doorway that is dead is there to ward off bad things.

Owl in Your Home

An owl that gets in your home can be a blessing. But if the owl gets hurt in your home then it can mean bad luck is going to come to your home. Owls are good at hunting things, and you never want to hurt them. Try to call someone if you find an owl in your home and let them get it out safely. Owls are thought to destroy germs and diseases and things that want to bring bad things into your home.

Owl Eyes

Owls are considered to bring knowledge and luck in your life. The eyes of the owl are ones that are full of truth. When you see the eyes of an owl it can mean that you are seeking wisdom. It can also mean that you are getting smarter. Owls can represent a spirit animal and they can bring change into your life. They can also be thought to bring your soul to the afterlife according to different cultures.

Owls and Sacred Divination

Owls are thought to bring energy and divination to people. The idea of an owl can be in a tarot card, and it can be a symbol of being wise. There are different tarot decks that you can get that have owls on them.

Owl Luck

Some wonder if owls are considered good luck or bad luck. Owls can catch prey that cannot escape, and this makes them strong. The owl is mostly good luck and can mean that the person that sees an owl is wise. When an owl gets into your home though, it can mean good luck but if you hurt it then it can change to bad luck. Whatever you feel an owl means to you, let it bring you information. An owl that is flying won’t come to take away your good things and you should never be afraid of any kind of creature that the universe has given you.

Like other animals, the good luck can be a gift that comes to you whenever you are open up to it. Seeing an owl means that you get to see a bird that is beautiful to look at and one that can warn you of danger or bring you blessings. What does an owl sighting mean for you?