Knowing if They are Happy or Just Satisfied


What makes a person happy and what makes them feel satisfied? Can someone be satisfied in life even if they don’t feel happy? Or will someone find happiness when their life is not satisfied?

There is a difference between being satisfied and being happy. Most people want to find happiness in their life, but they also want to be satisfied. There is a difference, but you can have both.


This is an emotion that is strong and an emotion that helps us to know joy and thankfulness. Being happy means that you are experiencing joy and you are able to have a meaningful life.


When someone is satisfied, it means that their desires have been achieved. They find joy in the things that they have and want.

This can mean that your needs are met or that your hearts desires are satisfied. No matter what happens, you will not want anything once you find satisfaction in your life.

People are often satisfied for a season and then they become unsatisfied. This can happen in their job, relationships or even in their personal belongings.

The idea of happiness is easier to reach than satisfaction because you don’t have to have material things in order to be happy.

What is the Difference?

The best way to compare being happy and being satisfied is to look at the different traits of each:

  • Happiness is when you have joy and satisfaction is when you are content in your life.
  • You lose happiness when you do not reach your goals, but satisfaction will decrease when you cannot achieve something in life.
  • Happiness is something you can measure but you cannot measure satisfaction.

How to Be Happy and Satisfied in Life

There is a difference between happiness and satisfaction, but you can get both of these things by:


Learn to be simple in your life. Do not have everything that you see and keep things simple. Say no when you are too busy and do not buy things that clutter your home. Do things that are simple like going for a walk or making a phone call.


Learn to be thankful for everything in your life. Be happy for the food that you have and for your home. Be thankful that you have friends or a partner and be thankful for the people that make your life better.

Live in the Now

Don’t try to live in the past or the present. Live in the moment and enjoy your life now.


Do not keep wanting more and more. Enjoy what life has given you.


Talk to people that you love, and you want to spend time with. Invest your time and compliment others. Hang out with people that are happy and fun.

Love You

Love yourself for who you are and stop comparing yourself to others. Do not try to be someone else.

Making Decisions

Life is going to be hard sometimes and instead of being indecisive about something and missing out, make decisions that help you to move forward.

Don’t Be Negative

Do not be negative and stop being angry about things that you cannot control. Find people that you love to talk to that are positive.


Learn to have fun and to laugh. Don’t take life so seriously.

Help other people out because this gives you a purpose. You can volunteer your time and show people respect and love.

Mistakes and Flaws

Everyone makes mistakes and has flaws. Embrace these things and love yourself anyways.

Spending Money

Don’t try to be happy or satisfied over material things because these things break and go away. Learn to spend your money on things that are fun and making memories.


Exercise, eat healthy and take care of your life. Get plenty of sleep and do what you can to be strong.

Be satisfied and happy with your life. You can make the choice to be any of these things. Take a chance and enjoy yourself.