Why You Fall for the Same Types


Finding love can be exciting and fun and when you start dating someone new, it can cause you to have a lot of feelings on wondering if the relationship will work out or not. You might wonder if he is really liking you or if you really like him.

But, after you have been dating for a little bit and things start to get boring, you might wonder why you keep dating. This will be a stronger feeling when you find out that your family and friends all have had love that seems to be so easy and so happy.

You might even start to question why you keep falling into the same kinds of relationships and why you never make different decisions on who you choose. Here are some reasons why you keep the guys you actually want distanced:

You Don’t Believe in Love

When you are always concentrating on what can go wrong, it can leave you feeling that you are overwhelmed and exhausted over love before you ever even get started. This can leave you feel that love is never going to be possible for you. Instead of being disappointed that love might end, you choose to get mixed up with people that you don’t really like.

You Choose What You Don’t Really Want

People that think that it is impossible to find love will be afraid to go after what will actually make them happy. They let fear be in control of them and they choose to be safe instead of face the risk of heartbreak.  When you choose a guy that is all about you, you are the one in control and you never have to worry about your heart getting broken.

But, on the flip side, if you go after a man you want, you will see that there are risks of getting hurt and you might not feel that it is a risk worth taking.

You Don’t Believe in Happily Ever After

Being in a happily ever after relationship means that the person that you are with will always want to be with you. They will never give up on you no matter what. If you are afraid that you will never find this, you might choose to not go after love.

A person that is always getting rejected or stood up will avoid trying to find this kind of love and will just settle to date someone that they aren’t that into. The universe will help you to get what you want if you keep trying to find what you want. Don’t give up on love just because you are afraid or nervous of how it can go.

You Choose Those that Won’t Bring Negativity

Sometimes when you start to find happiness, it seems like the worse kind of things happen. This means that you have bad things come up when you start to find happiness. This means that being with someone that you really want can end in heartbreak while just being with someone that is caring or someone that gives support to you makes you feel comfortable.

Being in a relationship with someone that you can love might be something that you have never had before but once you have it happen, you will see that its just what you want and need. Take time to go after the kind of man that you want and stop settling for something else.

Even if you are afraid of finding love, keep going until you get exactly what you want and what you deserve. You will see that this can change your life for the better and make love more exciting!