Understanding Energy Healing

Energy Healing

There are things that you can expect to happen in your life when you are doing energy healing. Here are some of the positive things that might happen for you:

  • More power.
  • More energy.
  • Better health.
  • Good thoughts.
  • Less trauma.
  • Releasing pain.
  • Being positive.
  • Being thankful.
  • Having a stronger body.
  • Enjoying life more.
  • Loving your body image.
  • More joy.
  • Better relationships.
  • Peaceful sleep.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Helping others.
  • Thinking clearly.
  • More prosperity and abundance.
  • Stronger intuition.
  • Joy, fun and laughter.

Traits of Energy Healing

The things above are just a few of the things that people often experience when doing energy healing. When a person chooses energy healing, they are getting rid of the negative energy that surrounds them and replacing it with positive things.

Energy is everywhere and it can heal your mind, body, and spirit. By having this, you can have better health, better relationships, and more energy.

Bad Side Effects

Some people will experience negative side effects when doing energy healing and this can make someone uncomfortable or nervous. This can happen before, during or after the session but it is temporary.

Energy Surges

Energy surges can happen because your energy is moving. You might feel this energy move throughout your body. This happens to get rid of the negative energy and to let positive energy flow in its space.

Bubbling Energy

Another thing that can happen is that you feel energy everywhere or you feel overly energetic. Once the negative energy leaves, you will be able to replace this. This can make your energy overwhelming for a time. This might make you feel a burning sensation as the energy moves and positive energy flows.

Feeling Drained

Some people will feel drained after an energy healing sensation. This happens because they are practicing and getting rid of negative things. This can happen usually after the first session but can get better over time.


Your mind and your body are made of energy and so when this energy changes, it can cause there to be mood changes. The negative energy that people have can be strong and it can take away your strength. If you find this happening, let the sensation go and find peace.

What to Do with Bad Effects?

When you have negative symptoms with energy healing, don’t be alarmed. This is normally something that is mild and will go away. There is a release that is happening your mind, body, and soul and this can cause your body to react differently.

You can get rid of these symptoms by taking care of yourself. Try to journal and try to meditate. By doing this, you will be able to release anything that is stagnant in your energy. Continue with your healing sessions and see that you will feel better.

Matrix Balancing

Matrix balancing is a way that you can get a reading and have a change. This can help you if you are stressed or you are having emotional issues that are not leaving you at peace. The skills that your intuitive psychic will have can include:

  • Intuitive advice.
  • Dietary advice.
  • Supplement advice.
  • Energy psychology.
  • Energy medicine.

This kind of balancing uses integrated light quantum healing and it can help you to reach your higher self. This is a therapy that was used in ancient times and can be customized to help you to become whole.

People that have had covid for long periods of time or are experiencing side effects from covid shots can get this therapy and it can help them to sleep better, have less anxiety and to have better energy.

Try energy healing today and find out how it can help you in your mind, body, and soul. Get healthy, happy, and strong.


  1. I appreciate the balanced perspective given here, detailing both the benefits and potential side effects of energy healing. It helps set realistic expectations.

  2. This article provides an interesting overview of what to expect from energy healing, and it seems to cover both positive and negative experiences quite comprehensively.

  3. The emphasis on self-care practices like journaling and meditation to counteract negative side effects is practical and useful for anyone considering energy healing.

  4. The mention of matrix balancing and its historical roots adds depth to the discussion. It’s intriguing to see modern applications of ancient practices.

  5. The list of potential benefits from energy healing is extensive. I wonder how one would measure the efficacy of such treatments over time.


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