Knowing a Spiritual Empath

Spiritual Empath

People are always putting their emotions on other people. You live in a world where you are constantly around different people and the way that they are feeling can affect your life. You might be overwhelmed by this, but chances are that they are overwhelmed by their own feelings.

A spiritual empath is one of the lesser-known kinds of empaths and they are people that are able to use their empath powers beyond the physical and into the spiritual world.

What is a Spiritual Empath?

A spiritual empath is someone that is aware and knows what someone around them is feeling. They are also able to look at their own life and know what kind of emotions that they are experiencing. They have strong intuition.

When a spiritual empath is around, they are able to look at the soul of other people and they can become upset by what they are seeing. They know things that people around them won’t know and they are able to look at the feelings, intentions, and emotions of others by using their psychic gifts.

Knowing more than other people can mean that they are able to feel the spiritual world around them and they are able to pick up the spiritual vibes. This can be someone that has strong empathy, and a spiritual empath can help heal those that are hurting.

What Does a Spiritual Empath Do?

A spiritual empath is someone that understands those around them more than the average person. They have a hard time making friends and being in relationships because they are always wanting to heal and help them. They use their intuition to understand those around them.

Are You a Spiritual Empath?

There are different signs that you might be a spiritual empath. You can find out if you are one by looking at the traits below:

Traits of a Spiritual Empath

A spiritual empath feels the emotions of others and they are normally right in what they are feeling. They listen better than others and they will do their best to heal the wounds that people are feeling.

Here are some things that an empath does:

  • Feels the pain of others but not always as their own pain.
  • Are aware of emotions and feelings around them.
  • Are sensitive beyond the physical realm.

Picking up things more than a normal person means that they are picking up energies around them. They are able to feel vibes that people let off. They can also feel the pain that other people feel in their own body.

This is a type of empath that will become overwhelmed easily when they are around a lot of people. Not all empaths feel the same amount of empathy as other empaths. Once you understand what kind of empath you are, you will focus more on others than on yourself.

It is natural for a spiritual empath to understand who they are and to work on themselves so they can help others.

Spiritual Empath Versus Empath

There are different types of empaths and they are people that can be spiritual or physical. There are so many different kinds it would be impossible to tell about all of them. Some empaths can feel things telepathically while others can use their intuition to feel things and to understand things. Some empaths can pick up things in the spiritual world.

Understanding a spiritual empath means that you understand that they pick up the emotions of those around them. They can even sometimes feel spirits and ghosts when they are close.

Being Sensitive

A person that is a psychic is sensitive to the energies around them. They are able to look beyond the physical and into the spiritual world. Some are even able to speak to spirits.

When an empath goes into a room that is full of people, the feelings and emotions can become overwhelming and it can cause them to not be able to cope with what is going on. It is important for an empath to look deep into who they are so they can stay strong.

What to Do as an Empath

You can help many people if you are an empath, but you have to first take care of yourself. You have to learn to have balance in your life and learn to ground yourself. There are things that you can do to make sure that you are strong such as:

  • Meditating.
  • Doing Yoga.
  • Staying off social media.
  • Putting electronics away.
  • Taking a break from other people.
  • Having alone time.

Once you understand your own abilities then you can learn to work on them and to make them developed. You will see that you are capable of more than you imagined.

Protecting Yourself

If you are a spiritual empath you have to protect yourself. You have to make sure that you are able to get away from people when you feel tired and drained. You need to make sure that you don’t attract people that will abuse you to your life. Even if you want to help others, you have to do this in a healthy way.

There are different situations that spiritual empaths sometimes put themselves in and this can cause them to feel anxious or stressed. Pay attention to your emotions and understand yourself. Tune into the world around you and take the self-care that you need to stay strong.

Psychic Attacks

Spiritual empaths often experience psychic attacks. These are energies that people can send to your life that are negative. Empaths have to make sure that they have a strong aura so that they can be protected form negativity. As you balance yourself and keep grounded, you will see that you can be strong and you can stop negative attacks from coming on you.

An empath must always be grounded, and they have to do grounding exercises, go out in nature and find ways to keep their emotions strong and their physical bodies protected.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual empaths are very sensitive and they are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. They live their lives looking at energies and they need to make sure that they are being strong and that they are protected.

If you are an empathy, make sure that you are protecting yourself and that you are being in touch with what you need.


  1. The article makes a clear distinction between different types of empaths. It’s enlightening to read about how varied empathic abilities can be, from physical to spiritual.

  2. The section on psychic attacks is quite compelling. It raises questions about how external energies could potentially impact one’s mental and emotional well-being.

  3. The concept of spiritual empaths is intriguing. It seems like a blend of heightened emotional intelligence and intuitive abilities. I wonder how one can scientifically validate such experiences.

    • That’s a good point. Verifying these experiences objectively could be quite challenging, but it would be interesting to study the physiological and psychological aspects involved.

    • It’s hard to measure something that’s inherently subjective. Maybe it’s more about personal belief systems rather than empirical science.

  4. While the concept of spiritual empaths is fascinating, it would be beneficial to have more empirical studies to support these claims. Anecdotal evidence is informative but needs scientific backing.

  5. The idea that spiritual empaths need to protect themselves and maintain balance is crucial. It highlights the importance of self-care, which is something everyone can relate to, empath or not.


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