Raising Your Spiritual Vibes

Raising Your Spiritual Vibes

Your vibrations are a spiritual thing, and this is how you see things around you including the universe and the spiritual world. Your spiritual vibrations need to be in a high ranking so that you feel healthy in your mind, body, and soul.

Understanding Vibrations

The idea behind spiritual vibrations is that everything in the world is made of energy and this is what the vibrations are. This includes plants, people, and animals. Even foods and liquid are made of energies, and they all have a certain vibration that they move at.

Science has shown that there are energies that are all around you and they interact with each other. This means that all matter is full of energy that is constantly vibrating. This goes even further when you look at your spiritual energy.

Some believe that the Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.  This means that when you have high vibrations, you attract the same.

High Vibrations

Vibrations can be high or low and each has its own frequency. Here is what high and low look like:

  • Low vibrations: Negativity, jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety, stress. These can make you feel bad.
  • High vibrations: These can make you feel positive, confident, thankful, kind, loving and connected. These give you energy and joy.

Some believe that when you are very spiritual that your vibrations are higher than those that aren’t. When you get your vibrations higher, you will be able to reach your higher self-easier.

Measuring Your Vibrational Frequency

There are ways that you can measure your vibrations and here is how:

  • When you feel positive then you are having higher vibrations.
  • Spiritual vibrations will make you feel more positive.
  • You will be able to find better people around you when, you are positive.
  • Feeling negative means your vibrations are lower.
  • You will attract negative situations when you have low vibrations.
  • You will come in contact with negative people.

Objective Measurement

Science shows that there are special cameras that can find out what kind of energy the body is emitting. When you measure these things, you can know what kind of state the person is in, and this can tell about the spiritual self as well.

Raising Your Vibrations

There are different things that you can do to raise your vibrations and here is how:

Be Mindful

Make sure that you are being mindful of your thoughts and your feelings. You might have a negative thought but when you do, turn it around. Find ways that you can take your thoughts and you can turn them into something positive.

There are different exercises that you can do to build up your emotions and to bring peace and joy into your life.

Take Action

Take action to stop the negative thinking from coming to your mind. Pay attention to what you are saying out loud and how you are referring to things. Change this and be more positive.

Notice People and Places

Make sure that you aren’t going around people or places that make you feel negative. Find places and people to go to that are positive and that breathe life into you. Reduce the time that you spend with people that are constantly negative.

Being around positive people can raise your vibrations but being around negativity will lower them.

Pay Attention to You

Treat your body and your mind in the right way. This can keep your vibrations high. If you aren’t eating healthily, this can lower your vibrations. Change this. Make sure that you are being mindful of yourself on the inside and the outside.

You have to take care of your phyiscal body as much as your mental body. Try things such as exercise and moving, going out in nature, or doing something fun such as dancing or bowling. Go and hang out with people that bring you joy.


Nature has a way of bringing healing to your mind and body. Go out and enjoy nature. Walk outside barefoot, sit by a tree, and listen to the wind blow. This is also called earthing and is healthy for you overall.

Have Fun

Have fun in your life and enjoy the things that you do. The more fun that you have the more positive that you will be. As you enjoy your life, thank the universe for giving you good things. Being thankful can boost your vibrations quickly.


  1. While the article emphasizes the significance of high vibrations for mental and physical health, it would be useful to understand how these concepts are differentiated from or integrated with current scientific understanding of energy and health.

  2. The methods suggested for raising vibrations, such as mindfulness and spending time in nature, appear to be practical and potentially beneficial. However, the connection to ‘vibrational frequencies’ could be explained in a more scientifically rigorous manner.

    • I agree. Practices like mindfulness and connecting with nature are well-documented to improve mental health. It would be interesting to see how these practices specifically influence one’s ‘vibrational frequency’ beyond the theoretical claims.

  3. The idea that one’s environment and the people they interact with can influence their vibrations is thought-provoking. It underscores the importance of a supportive and positive social network, which is a well-recognized factor in psychological well-being.

  4. The concept of spiritual vibrations as described in the article is intriguing. While it aligns with certain metaphysical beliefs, it would be helpful to see more empirical evidence or scientific studies supporting these ideas.

  5. The article makes a compelling argument for the impact of positive and negative energies on one’s well-being. It’s worth exploring how these ideas correlate with established psychological concepts such as emotional intelligence and resilience.


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