Saying Goodbye and Moving On


Have you been in a relationship that you are choosing to let go? This can be with a person or with a place, a job, a mindset, a belief or even something else.

When you move on from a relationship, you have to learn to say goodbye in a formal way so that you can move on with less pain.

Here are some things that you can do in order to have a goodbye ceremony for your relationship or for whatever you are releasing out of your life:

  • Write a letter.
  • Put things in the letter that make sense for you.
  • Print the letter out and hold it.
  • Make a sacred place in your home and have a ceremony.
  • Make sure you light candles, play music and make it a tree celebration.
  • Read the letter out loud and let the words get into your spirit.

Take as much time that you need to read the letter and to let go of what is holding you back. If you feel emotional and you need to cry and scream, do that.

If you need to go into your bathroom and take a bath to soak for as long as you need, do that. You can do whatever you want to do to make yourself be able to release this and let it go.

After you read the letter, you need to take time to rip the letter into small pieces. Rip it as many times that you can and then burn it.

When you burn something, it means that you are letting it go and releasing it.

If you are in a relationship that you are ending with a person or with your job, you will have to talk about it some. You will need to talk to that person or that boss and let them know why you are letting them go.

In order to be able to really talk to that person, to really express your feelings, do this goodbye ceremony first so that you can release it in the spirit and then you can release it by saying goodbye.

Moving On

When you have the ceremony and you have sadness, anger, or other negative feelings, let yourself have them. Do not hide what you are feeling and what you are thinking.

Allow yourself to feel those feelings and let them go away when they are ready. Do not resist what you are feeling or thinking or else it will be harder to let go of them.

Goodbye Letter

First start with your greeting, Dear (so and so).

You have been someone that I have loved to have in my life. You have been a part of my life for so long and you have made me realize that I can live a happy and thankful life. You have taught me to be stronger and to know who I am.

Now that I realize that our relationship is not good for me anymore, I have to learn to move on and to change who I am in a peaceful and loving way. I have to release you and I have to let my life have a space for something new that serves me in what I want and need.

I am ready to move forward in my life and my intention is to move on. I ask the universe to help me to cut cords and to have better energies.

I hope that my guides are there to direct me and to help me through this change and I ask that I am protected by a shield of light. I ask that my mind be clear and that my emotions will be strong. I want my mind, body, and soul to be strong and healthy.

I have really appreciated the journey that I had with you, and I am releasing you now out of my life, freeing you from my life and letting you move on to be who you want to be.

Thank you and goodbye.

With love and thankfulness,

(Your Name).


This letter can help you to find peace when you are moving on and when you are ready to release what is no longer good for you.