What is a Heyoka Empath?

Heyoka Empath

An empath is someone that is able to pick up the feelings and emotions of those around them. A Heyoka empath is one that can manifest things into their life, and they are also natural healers. One thing about them though is that they will challenge the norms of society.

Characteristics of a Heyoka Empath

There are some characteristics of a Heyoka empath including these!

  • Picking Up Negative Energies

The Heyoka empath is one that is sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. They are able to know what kind of emotions someone is having that comes around them. They may or may not feel the same feelings that someone is feeling internally but they can pick up negative energies around them.

  • They See Into the Future

This is someone that is sensitive and they are able to tell what someone wants. They know the intentions and they understand what someone is thinking. They have a high rate of success when it comes to predicting the future and that is because they want to stop a bad situation before it ever happens.

  • Understanding Emotions

Heyoka empaths are able to understand the emotions and feelings that people have. They can express their own emotions and they know that when emotions are intense that there needs to be something solved. They will speak to other people that have high emotions and help them.

  • Hates Conflict

This kind of empath hates getting caught in any kind of conflict. They want to resolve problems and keep the peace.

  • Knowing When Something is Wrong

The Heyoka empath can know when something is wrong or when something bad is going to happen. They are able to sense trouble and they can face challenges to prevent problems from getting out of hand.

  • Strong Intuition

Any kind of empath, especially the Heyoka empath will have strong intuition. They know when they need to listen to their intuition, and they embrace and trust themselves. They are able to stop problems before they even start.

  • Ability to Solve Issues

Before an issue even shows up, a Heyoka empath can solve it. They are level-headed and they are motivated to work through things and to have balance.

  • Care Deeply

This is someone that loves to see everyone’s visions. They want to know what you accomplish and how they can help you along your journey. They believe that everyone should have a chance to reach their goals.


  1. The concept of Heyoka empaths hating conflict and striving to maintain peace resonates with many conflict resolution theories. It would be beneficial to explore this further in the context of social dynamics.

  2. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the characteristics of Heyoka empaths. It is intriguing to learn about their ability to pick up on negative energies and their strong intuition.

  3. The description of Heyoka empaths having a high rate of success in predicting the future is quite interesting. I would like to see more scientific backing on this aspect.

    • I agree. Some empirical evidence or case studies would certainly add to the credibility of these assertions.

  4. The idea that Heyoka empaths can sense when something is wrong before it happens is quite thought-provoking. How does this align with our understanding of intuition and emotional intelligence?

    • It does seem to align with the broader concepts of intuition and emotional intelligence, though it might be useful to distinguish between innate abilities and learned skills in this context.

  5. Understanding the role of Heyoka empaths in identifying and solving issues before they arise is fascinating. I wonder how this skill translates into real-world applications.


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