The Language of Psychic Symbols

Psychic Symbols

There are many different psychic gifts and when someone is clairaudient, they often hear things in their spiritual ear. Other psychics will see symbols in the psychic world, but what do they mean?

As you listen to your intuition, you can find that this is made of different kinds of symbols. This is just like learning a different language and you have to learn what these symbols mean if you want to know what your intuition is saying.

There is no universal psychic language though and the symbols that come to psychics is probably messages from your spiritual guides. They will send you messages that come to you in symbols, but each person has their own set of symbols.

Figuring Out Your Symbols

There are different ways that you can figure out your symbols. Here is how to figure it out:


Some of the symbols that you have will just have a special meaning to you such as a memory coming to your mind, a song causing you to feel emotional or a feeling of sadness that comes on you out of nowhere.

You might even see certain colors when you have people around you that are sad. It is important to notice your symbols and to figure out your own interpretation. If you feel that you know something without someone telling you, this is claircognizance and you just accept the knowing.

Designating Symbols

One thing that happens is as you listen to your intuition, you will learn to develop your life through it. You can set intentions with different symbols and then they can answer questions for you. Maybe when you have a question, you see a tree when the answer is a yes answer or you might see a rock when the answer is no. You can set these intentions by:

  • Going to a quiet place where no one will disturb you.
  • Take deep breathes.
  • Set intentions in your mind and tell the symbols what they mean. For example, you can say, “Trees mean yes, and rocks mean no.”
  • Thank your guides for helping you to know your symbols.

Write Down Symbols

When you see the symbols and you figure out what they mean for you, write them down. You can figure out what these symbols mean as you pay attention and writing it down can allow you to come back and get the answers that you need.

As symbols come over and over again, write them down. See what happens in your life as these things repeat. When there is a repetitive pattern, noticing your outcome is important.

Symbol Dictionaries

Other people that are just starting to see symbols might turn to a symbol dictionary. This can help you interpret them of course, but it can also stop you from listening to your intuition like you should be. You should really be listening to what your gut feeling is telling you so that you can get your own answers.


You can meditate and go deep into your spiritual self so that you can figure out the meanings of your own symbols. Do this each night before you go to bed and add crystals such as amethyst as you meditate. Doing this can help you to figure symbols out.

Getting Your Psychic Symbols

Here are some things you can do once you have your own psychic symbols:

  • Journaling: Writing down your symbols will help you to make your own symbol dictionary.
  • Add to the list as a symbol comes into your mind.
  • Make a note when your symbols change. You might have different meanings for different symbols and if this happens make sure that you note it in your journal.


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