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Balancing The Chakras

Balancing The Chakras

The work chakra has become commonplace, the it actually has ancient roots. It was first written about in an Indian text with chakra being Sanskrit for wheel which hints at their reputation for keeping things running in a smooth manner. There are seven chakras that run down the midline of the body from the base […]

Energy Healing

Understanding Energy Healing

There are things that you can expect to happen in your life when you are doing energy healing. Here are some of the positive things that might happen for you: More power. More energy. Better health. Good thoughts. Less trauma. Releasing pain. Being positive. Being thankful. Having a stronger body. Enjoying life more. Loving your […]

November Astrological

November Astrological Events

The last Mercury retrograde of 2020 happened on November 3, 2020. With the constellations, the planets work with western astrology, and they have different symbols in what each of them mean. This kind of astrology uses two moon nodes, the north and the south and the planets cause influence. The astrological calendar is based on […]