Are Guardian Angels Real?


Even if you don’t believe it, everyone has a guardian angel or more than one.  They will come to help protect you and keep you from danger.  The guardian angel will not allow evil spirits to bother you and will protect you in all situations.

These angels are also guiding you.  They help you to be stronger and lead you to the calling that life has on you.  The guardian angel is assigned to you and they will help you.  Always remember that they will only come in if you invite them in, so always be listening for their knock.


Angels do exist and everyone has their own guardian angel.  These are not humans, but they are spirit beings that are not in a human body.  People that die don’t become angels; they might become a saint but not an angel.

Angels exists so they can protect us and guide us.  They are not to be worshipped because that is not their role.  They carry out their role to help others.

The angel is a gift and they should never leave you and will always look after you.  They are very active in your life.

You should invite the angels to come to you in your day so they can protect you.

What Do They Do?

Angels will protect you from harm both physically and spiritually.  They will guard you and support you in all things and never let you get into trouble.  They will always keep you safe and protect you.

Angels keep the demons away because the demons will sometimes come in sneakily.  The angles will keep you from this and will allow you to focus on good things.

Our intuition guides us to listen to the angels and when the angels speak, they speak truth and will not harm you.


Angels will keep you from trouble and will serve you if you are in some kind of trouble.  When you have to face your trouble, you can call on the angels to help you do this.  The angels will intervene in your life.


Angels have been guarding you all your life, even since birth. They are there to care for you and will work on your behalf.


Angels come to bring you goodness and they will be there for all of your journeys.  They will watch over you and always bring you to the good places in your life.


Angels will work with you and give you intuition to help you.  They will help you to make good decisions.  Interact with your angels and communicate with them.


Always allow your angels to be your friend and allow them to talk to you. You should try to communicate with them and learn what instincts to follow.  Trust your instincts and allow your angels to lead you.

You will not always feel them but know that your angels are there, and you are never alone.  They will take care of you and do detective work for you, if needed.

Each person has an angel and the angel will protect them and enlighten them.

Make it a habit to talk to your angels and to thank them for all of the wonderful things that they do for your life.  They can bring you peace, joy and happiness.

If you want to meet your angel, ask them.  Ask them to give you their name and they will show you what it is, in some unique way or another.