Are you a victim of witchcraft? Indications of curses and spells


Has your life and everything around you been worse lately and you wonder if it might be someone doing witchcraft on you? Do you know the real signs that somebody is making black magic? Would you love to know how to end this with any dark spell?

How to know if somebody has put a spell on you

Witchcraft, which is also known as black magic, is the use of supernatural powers originating from the devil and all his counterparts.

Maybe you think you know it all when it comes to witchcraft since you’ve read Harry Potter books or watched an episode of Bewitched. However, there is something else you’d like to know.

Modern witches are portrayed differently by TV stations. They don’t fit exactly to what is normally viewed on TV or movies. A lot of things have been said about them since time immemorial.

Nevertheless, do they even exist?

The answer is yes.

If you trust the bible and believe in the power of God then you should also believe in the powers of the devil.

Even though it believed that we can remove this type of sorcery permanently using specific techniques and rituals, we should first know if there’s someone or something that is making the bad forces to act upon you, before deciding on using those techniques and rituals.

7 real symptoms of witchcraft:

  1. Feeling tired most of the time

If you begin feeling tired, discomfort or pain that you haven’t experienced before, it might be a sign that you are being a target of witchcraft. It is important to note that black magic usually feeds on your energy since it’s the most treasured source of food.

  1. You rarely experience success

You find it hard to accomplish your goals regardless of how hard you try.

  1. Being unable to save money

Your money disappears immediately you get it, or it lasts only a few weeks then you are back to nothing. This is the most dangerous sign of witchcraft. It is likely to bring you problems at work or bring large economic debts to your life.

  1. Sleeping is a problem

This can be due to insomnia or having terrible nightmares. You just dream of attacks from evil spirits or you hear somebody calling your name or your body temperatures changing quickly.

  1. You don’t enjoy doing things you used to do before

It’s normal not to feel like doing anything when you are being attacked by witchcraft.

  1. You aggressively react towards your loved ones

You just get angry and behave badly towards them. Both of you can’t tell or understand what’s happening.

  1. You lose your sense of appetite in sex

This is just in case you happen to have them. Several individuals who are affected by black magic usually lose their sexual appetite which causes other more serious problems.  If you are experiencing any of the above signs, there are strong revelations that you are indeed under the attack of witchcraft or black magic.

You can try solving this on your own. However, at times it can be risky if you don’t know the proper direction to take.

What you can do is consult an expert in the field to advise you.