Blocking Negative Energy: Magic in Mirrors


If you have ever found yourself overwhelmed by negative energy and bad vibes that could not be repaired, there is a way to clear the air and banish the negative. All you will need is a mirror, just one or more if available.

Technically, you will also need a white candle, incense, fabric glue, marking pen, and a needle with thread as well. The type of mirror chosen will depend on what you are shielding from, which will be explained.

  • Round, stick on mirrors are needed when trying to protect your home from unwelcomed visitors, general negativity, and even nosy neighbors. One mirror is needed for each direction in which your home has windows, so most people will need four or more, though some may need less.
  • A small make-up mirror without a lid is perfect if you are having problems with someone at work or if you get overwhelmed when out with lots of people, like when shopping.
  • Hang a small mirror that faces the door to protect a locker or cubicle.
  • A tiny, craft store mirror that is sewn onto clothing can work to protect a purse, briefcase, or backpack, any small item.

Before starting anything, bath in salt water or shower with bath salts under the spray. This provides cleaning to personal energy. Next, light the candle and incense and pass the mirror over the flame and through the smoke saying the following:

“Let this mirror be infused with the fire so that it burns away negative energy. Let this mirror pass through the smoke so that it hides and shields.

Let the candle and incense burn all the way down and after they do, place the mirrors. If using the stick on type mirrors, place them on the outside of a window facing each direction.

For the workplace, draw an eye on the mirror with a marker with a single tear at the corner. This reflects negative emotions back to the sender. Attach the mirror to the wall that is opposite of the door of where it is being placed.

The small, sew on mirrors need to be attached to the item that needs protected. Attach them facing out when the item is carried.

It is that simple and hopefully it will work for you.