Chakras for awakening psychic abilities by tapping

Chakras for awakening psychic abilities by tapping

Chakra means wheel or circle. It is derived from a Sanskrit. Chakras are usually energy centers within an individual’s body that function like spinning wheels. We feel happy every time the Chakras in our bodies are correctly balanced. These Chakras act as bodyguards. They regulate and control the energy that goes in and out of our bodies. Focusing on negative energy in life means that an individual is disempowering his or her own Chakra while focusing on positive energy implies empowering one’s Chakra.

Some of these Chakras include

Solar Plexus Chakra

It is known as an inbuilt lie detector. Solar Plexus Chakra is found below the navel and is usually yellow in color. This Chakra deals with an individual’s ability to be courageous and building of confidence. The fear of authority, cases of having low or damaged self-esteem are kept here. Putting a lot of weight at this point of the body, navel, makes one feel protected. Almost everyone possesses intuitive instincts that guide them during their daily activities. This happens in collaboration with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This gift is strengthened by always trusting your guts. Physical dancing, walking and dancing also help in developing this Chakra, however, when the need for balancing it arises, chanting the Mantra Ram is the most helpful way. Using crystals such as citrine is important when using this Chakra for protection.

Throat Chakra

This Chakra is associated with the power of hearing things psychically. Signs of these gifts include hearing sounds when you’re alone or even sons playing in your head randomly. The gift is mostly associated with musicians. The Throat Chakra is found at the bottom of the neck. The color of this Chakra is sky blue. This Chakra usually echoes an individual’s ability to say the truth. Individuals who speak too much or even try at the slightest opportunity to force others into agreeing with them on are said to have an overactive throat Chakra while those who have fear of speaking out their minds. Singing and humming or even whistling may heal and restore balance of the throat Chakra. Chanting the Mantra “Ham” can be useful when strengthening your clairaudience. Crystals that are recommended when using this Chakra include Blue Topaz and Blue Lace Legate.

Third Eye Chakra

Clairvoyance, the power of seeing, is available in the third eye Chakra. This Chakra is found at the center of an individual’s forehead. The Third Eye Chakra is indigo in color. It regulates the ability of an individual to believe in his or her guts. The physical ability of an individual can also be found here. Clairvoyants usually get messages from their dreams. Whenever this center becomes overactive, an individual finds himself or herself having faith in everything. When this Chakra becomes unreactive, however, one feels lonely and completely blocked from the real world. Reading spiritual books and assuring one’s self can be a good remedy for unreactive Third Eye Chakra. Reciting the Mantra “Om” and inhaling Lavender Oil is also a suitable remedy. Crystals that can be used during this process are Sodalite and Azurite.

Crown Chakra

It is found partly on the head and partly on top of the head. It is purple in color and is associated with the human connection to the divine world. Overactive Crown Chakra can make an individual lose faith or even get annoyed by issues concerning religion. This can lead to the closure of this Chakra. In order to reopen this Chakra, one must be able to reawaken his or her faith and bond with higher beings. Divine communication is only available through this Chakra. To reactivate the Crown Chakra one has to recite the “Om” Mantra or inhale Frankincense Oil. It is advisable to use Lepidolite or Sugilite crystals during this process.

Crystals, sounds, Mantras and scents help are all essential in ensuring these Chakras are balanced. However, without loving yourself and believing in a higher power all these are meaningless. The more you establish connections to the higher power the more your psychic abilities are triggered by these Chakras. Meditating daily is also very important.


  1. The description of different Chakras and their associated attributes is quite intriguing. It provides a structured way to understand how energy flows in the body and how different types of energy impact our well-being.

  2. The article makes a compelling case for the impact of Chakras on our emotional and physical state. The idea that energy centers in the body can regulate our interactions with the world is thought-provoking.

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