Connecting With Loved Ones After Death


I recently received the following question on my blog:


I’ve been drawn to all things spiritual since I was very young. A main reason is my mother. She was a spiritual lady. She passed away last year, and I have been left grieving the gaping void left in my life.

¬†Sometimes I feel like I connected with her in a dream, but I’m unsure about what I should believe. I need encouragement that death isn’t the end of everything, and that she’s indeed here. I’m confused, and I’m not sure who I should trust.

I’ve wanted to develop and hone my own intuitive abilities for a long time now, but I don’t know where to start. What do you think I should do?



I wanted to publicly share my answer, as I thought it could help others, too. So here it is, with Andrea’s permission:

Hello Andrea,

I’m sorry for your grief. Your mother is still near you. But you’re right to feel that death changes everything, including the way she’ll communicate with you now that she’s passed on to the spiritual realm.

Start out by reading some of the articles here on my blog regarding connecting with spirit’s presences. This will familiarize you with the general process.

Next, do some research in the academic field of recovery and grief management. One emerging study topic is “Continuing Bonds.” This field embraces and quite openly discusses the philosophy of continuing connections between souls after death.

Follow up by checking out the article section here on my blog titled “Connections After Crossings.” Those articles discuss this, with added meditations that will help readers learn to sense the presence of the spirits of loved ones. Working with knowledge in those areas will offer you all the affirmation you seek!

It’s important to note that some people sense and feel the presence of their loved ones before they see them in dreams. Sometimes this presence is felt within just a few days of the person’s death. Initial visits may occur through sensation, rather than in apparitions, visions or dreams. And remember, the spirits’ desire isn’t to scare us!

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