Consciousness and Creating Reality

Consciousness and Creating Reality

As quantum physics proves, we truly live in a multiverse. That’s mind-blowing to me. Besides that, time is not linear, so the past, the present, and the future are all happening concurrently. That’s a difficult one to understand, but it’s true! So “otherworldly” actually means “other-dimensionally.”

Even as we experience and live in what seems like a solid and clear reality, there really are multiple other realities happening right now and right here. History, current events, and all things yet to be all go both forward and backward throughout infinity. Think about that for a while!

Our souls experience many different realities all at the same time. All of those realities are right here; they’re just in different modalities, or on different channels. Perceiving our reality in this way gives a quite different meaning to the concept of reincarnation. This is especially true if each of the different lifetimes affects the others. How’s that for a puzzler to wrap your thoughts around!

Now, take it another step further: What if our consciousness—that is, our awareness—actually creates everything that we experience and see while we’re in our physical bodies? And, what if our out-of-body awareness is doing the same thing, but instantaneously? If all of this is so, then maybe it’s like all the great philosophers and mystics have taught throughout the millennia: this is all just some sort of grand illusion. Some people refer to it as a type of simulation, or a matrix. Others think it may be like a computer program but with us as the system operators.

Obviously, some form of higher intelligence or higher being would have had a hand in creating that scheme! It would take some sort of all-seeing, all-knowing type of cosmic all-awareness to create all of this, wouldn’t it? Some call it a god, or a source, or maybe The Universe. Well, whatever it’s called, it’s still a significant enigma. It’s very likely that our human brains could never come close to understanding how it all really works.

But one thing is certain— no matter which dimension we believe we’re experiencing at the moment, we all are generating our own reality. So why not strive to make it the most perfect, the most heavenly experience that it could possibly be—and not just for ourselves, but for everybody else we come into contact with as well? This makes perfect sense to me.

And don’t forget, every one of us creates our own restrictions. So don’t think too small. And do whatever you can to avoid playing the blame game. Learn how to accept responsibility for whatever it is that you create, whether it’s good or bad. Nobody likes to hang out with a person that always plays the victim card and points their finger at everyone else. And yes, other people’s actions and words do have an effect on our reality.

We obviously exist in some type of interactive reality, whatever we choose to call it. And one thing is certain—what goes around, comes around! So create the best possible reality that you can imagine. You have to be it to create it. Passion will give you the power to attract whatever it is that you’re manifesting. So, shake things up and get passionate about your life! Dream big, and make that dream come true. After all, if everything is just an illusion, then there is an infinite number of possibilities out there waiting for you!


  1. The notion that all lives and experiences are interconnected and affect each other simultaneously is a perplexing yet thought-provoking way to understand existence and reincarnation.

  2. While the idea that our consciousness creates reality is intriguing, it raises numerous questions about the nature of perception and the role of objective reality.

    • I’m cautious about the idea, as it seems to disregard the evidence supporting an objective universe that exists independently of human perception.

    • Indeed, if consciousness is a driving force in creating our reality, it could revolutionize our understanding of both psychology and physics.

  3. The concept of the multiverse and non-linear time is indeed fascinating. It challenges our traditional understanding of reality and opens up new possibilities for scientific and philosophical exploration.

  4. While the idea of creating the best possible reality is appealing, it’s essential to balance such perspectives with practical approaches to life’s challenges.

    • However, we mustn’t overlook the importance of acknowledging and addressing real-world issues through tangible actions.

    • True, but embracing it might inspire people to strive for a better, more harmonious life, which can have real, positive consequences.

  5. The idea that higher intelligence or a cosmic awareness is behind our reality is intriguing. It aligns with many philosophical and spiritual beliefs, suggesting a profound interconnectedness in the universe.


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