Disempowering Negative Thoughts


If you have been searching for a way to overcome negative self-talk then we can help. You may already be familiar with the idea that thoughts can become things. If we learn to change our belief system then we can give certain thoughts power while disempowering others. This basically turns negative thinking around. Negative thinking can hold us back from growth and development in life. Sometimes we do not realize these thoughts exist and we end up self-sabotaging. Read on to learn how to take your power back and disempower negative thoughts.

We can control negative self-talk, though it is a commonality among people. The average person has 60,000 negative self-talk instances each day. So, how do we control this? Well, we cannot stop negative self-talk because it comes on without us even realizing it, but we can disempower these thoughts so they do not keep us mired in negativity. It is all about reducing the power of this negative self-talk and responding in a way that takes its power. Accept that negative self-talk will happen and then listen, but refuse to give the thought power. We can hear negative self-talk and still move forward because it is just a thought, not necessarily truth. We choose how to respond to our thoughts. While each thought is rooted in something deeper, in the moment we choose to let it control us or not. So the first step, is to choose your reaction. Over time, you can deep dive into the root cause and deal with it, but throughout the day, simply choose to hear the thought and move on anyway.

Expose Your Negative Thoughts

The first technique to disempowering negative self-talk is to expose it for what it is. Remember, what we manifest in life is based on our thoughts, so we need to expose anything negative. What we think has power because we are holding on to it, but once a negative thought is exposed, it is not as powerful. Think of being a child and seeing a monster in the corner, but once exposed to light it is actually a favorite toy that was hidden in the shadows. Exposing negative thoughts takes away their power to keep us in fear.

Write It Out

Take the time to write out each of the lies you tell yourself. This may take lots of paper, but if you write it, then you know it is a lie. Knowing it is a lie means you now need to discover your truth. To start reprogramming your thoughts, write out an affirmation next to each lie so you have positive empowering thoughts to replace the negative ones. Even if you do not at first believe the positive thought, it is there and the process is getting started.

Evict Negative Beliefs

There will be some thoughts that come out that you absolutely know are lies. When these come out in your writing, know that you can evict them at that moment. There is no need to deep dive or try to pretty them up, simply toss them out of your mind because you know they are lies.

It can be tough to change our way of thinking. It takes time and a willingness to stick with replacing a few negative thoughts a day. Many will also need deeper help through a life coach or therapist. This is normal and a great way to truly change your thinking and how it manifests in your life.