Divorce and Breakups


Some people wonder if the man that they are with is their soulmate but sometimes they are not willing to settle down and they wonder if destiny is really a part of their life.

Human Soulmates

The word soulmates are a word that people used when someone has a deep connection or relationship with their partner. A real soulmate will come to you for different reasons, sometimes for romantic love. Everything that people think about a soulmate is really bigger and there is unconditional love but sometimes it can be non-romantic as well.

Soulmates will play a big role in the lives of people and they teach you things. They show up in your life and it can be a bad or a good relationship and it can be a long-term relationship, or it might only last for a little bit of time.

You might not really know if you see your soulmate, but it might be someone that you bump into and it is an automatic connection. It can be a stranger, a boyfriend or someone that you thought was a real love to you. This can also be a parent who was good to you or one that abused you or a pet that was there with you. A soulmate can be a best friend that loved you or a girl that stole your boyfriend. All of these people are soulmates and the purpose of them is to help you when you are going through your awakening. They are there to guide you and every time you bump into someone; they are part of your life for some purpose.

The soul of a soulmate is a human and will do things for you. If this person is romantic with you, you will experience this kind of relationship with them, but a soulmate can help to prepare you for the real love that you are meant to be with.

Destiny and Free will

Soulmates are agreed at birth to be with you because they are part of your destiny. Once they are born, the human will come into the world and this is when they get free will. When we go through our awakening, the reunion is set and when we meet someone, it becomes freewill as to what happens next.

Your soulmate will be of different kinds and they will still be in need. They will need to be healed of something from their past and while some are ready, others will not be ready, and they will be wild and do their own thing.

A soulmate relationship might be one that is connected to fear, but they will crave the relationship no matter what. Some relationships will be full of anger while others are full of healing and opportunities.

It is your job to love people unconditionally and when you meet your soulmate, they can help to prepare you to love others and to let go of things that are not good in their life.


If your soulmate leaves, no one is really sure if they will come back. Allow him to do what is best for him and whatever the universe allows will happen. If he comes back to you, you will be more ready for them but if not, someone will be ready to meet you in the future.


No matter what happens, you have to remember that forgiveness is important. True forgiveness has three different phases:


The first phase is to get rid of things that have hurt you. Get rid of feelings that have hurt you and push them away.


Learn to feel neutral about what has happened in your past. It is okay to know about your past, but you cannot keep bringing it up. When it comes up, change the subject.


Find something that you can be thankful for.

When you forgive someone, it allows you to find the love that you really want to have. You can many different soulmates and you need to be healed in order for a new one to come to you.