Energy Vampires


Energy vampires are people that steal the good energy from people, and they work through darkness, even though some of them do not realize they are doing it. Sometimes, we will be around people that are taking our energies and we do not even realize what is happening.

The idea of energy vampires is challenging because you cannot measure this but the truth is that if you do not believe in energy vampires, you need to understand the different sources and observations that have happened with these people.

What is an Emotional Vampire?

An emotional vampire is a person that is there that will make you have strong emotions and will take away from your emotional energies. These can be psychopaths, witches, warlocks, psychic vampires, narcissists and more.

Everyone can be an emotional vampire, and this happens depending on how we handle our energies and how we share it with others. Not everyone has to be a victim though and can learn to protect themselves.

Am I an Energy Vampire?

If you are wondering if you are an energy vampire, ask yourself these questions:

  • “Do I want anything in my life, or do I feel whole?”
  • “Do I have a feeling of light and being alive?”

Answering yes to either of these can mean that you are an energy vampire, at least some of the time and it depends on what is going on around you as to when you become this person.

Human Needs

The sense of belonging and having self-esteem is important but when we do not have these things, we become stressed and anxious. We look for way sot meet our needs in the outside world.

Understanding these problems shows us what needs we have and when a feeling or a need is not met, even from childhood, we become lacking and feel that we are not whole or complete. We feel that we are missing out on things and this is what can cause us to steal the light of others and become energy vampires.

Vampires, Warlocks and Witches

Psychology would call energy vampires archetypes. This is when people become jealous and have behaviors that steal the light and the qualities from other people.

This shows that energy vampires are real, it is just something that we do not often call that, and we miss it because it is right under our nose. We become misguided and ignorant to what is going on in our lives and around us.

Vampires in Culture

We know that the truth is that people in our lives are obsessed with vampires and this is shown in books and movies such as “Twilight” and other shows and animated films. This is not really what the psychic world talks about.

Original Vampires

The original vampires are ones from the ancient times, and they are also called demons or a supernatural entity. They are found in folklore and legends and they come to dreams and seduce women that are beautiful and take away their sexual energy and their life.

The demons do not just come in dreams though, they come and they posses the people, suck their blood and take over their life or let them live forever as a vampire. These are tales that have been told over time to children to scare them to sleep or into the right kind of behavior.


People that are more responsible and aware are the adults of this world. When you are aware, you have to take responsibility for what is going on around you.

Many people never reach maturity and most people, even adults are immature. We do not think we are, but our conscious mind shows us by our behavior.

Emotional vampirism is taking the energy from outside of our awareness. When we see this, it can be shadow work which takes the light from others to make it better for us.

We have learned to take responsibility and change this.

Avoiding This

People avoid the idea of energy vampires because it makes them uncomfortable. They reject the ideas and want to feel secure and safe. No one wants to think of someone being so negative and hurtful.

If you are an emotional person or an emotional vampire, for that matter, you will take the emotions of others and feed on them. You will cause yourself to feel shame and guilt and you do not want to face these things.

Our body knows that this phenomena exists, but we choose to protect and deny it to keep our self-image strong. Once we realize what others have done to us, it can make us feel like a victim or resent them. Having a victim mentality can be hard to change.

The energy exchange happens wherever you are, at home, at work, with friends, family, teachers, lovers and more.

Why They Exist

Energy vampires exist because of trauma and could be from childhood. When a person becomes an emotional vampire, it is because they have been subject to these behaviors.

In psychology, they believe that you will repeat what has happened to you and if you have been traumatized, chances are your unconscious mind might never even know it and this can happen to you and cause you to be someone else.

The energy vampires are in all of us and we are just automatically feeding on other energies.

Energy Body

Buddhists, Hindus, and others believe of the energy that surrounds the body. It is called different things, but it is a shield of protection or an energy that is an energy field.

Some books talk about this as the aura and others talk about it as infinity. This is an energy cloak or an energy field that is supposed to protect us like a bubble.

Restoring the Energy Field

When our energy field becomes full, we are strong, and nothing can stop us. But when we have things entering our energy field that are negative, we become different than we are, almost a shadow monster. We become predators to others to get their energy that is better than ours. The great thing is, you can restore your own energy and stop taking from others.


We are born with a whole energy field and it is intact and strong. But after we are born, our field gets attacked by negative things. We face trauma and negative emotions, and this eats away at our energy field and makes us incomplete.

We are then from that moment on subject to vampirism.

Why We Steal Light

When we talk about stealing light, it is the qualities that are good. We steal light because we are missing something in our own life and lacking something.

We are traumatized from childhood situations and we have to learn to be healthy and to stop feeling fear and stress. We do not even realize this is a weakness for us.

We draw on the lights of others because they make us feel better. We steal from our friends, family and loved ones because it makes us to feel better about who we are.

What does steal light from others do for us:

  • Helps us get more money.
  • Gives us power.
  • Gives us influence.
  • Makes us feel good about ourselves.
  • Gives us confidence.

Stealing the light of others has many benefits because it makes us feel better about who we are.

Gurus and Students

When you see someone that is energetic, chances are they are stealing light. Gurus often steal light from their students because they build a strong relationship and they see their students as calm and fun.

The guru will hold these powers and become superior to the student.

Big Personalities

People that have big personalities are often energy vampires. Even though they seem strong, they have fears and they run away from things such as being lazy or lacking other things.

These people will shame an audience for the same things they do, and this will help them to feel that they have enough and will help them to feel that they are gaining what they need.

This person might make money and trap others. They will develop emotional wounds and try to fill those with people that will treat them such as mental health workers or friends. Leaders and health workers can be energy vampires too.

Signs of Psychic Stealing

You can know if someone is stealing your light and energy by:

  • If you are feeling tired.
  • Having feelings of doubt.
  • Have a poor self-image.
  • Struggle with finances.
  • Feeling guilty and shameful.
  • Lacking.
  • Feeling inadequate.

There are many other signs, but these are some of the more common ones. If you feel high levels of doubt, you might have someone stealing your light.

Ways to Steal Energy from Others

Here are some ways we steal energy from others:

  • Manipulation.
  • Praise.
  • Intimidation
  • Touch
  • Emotions
  • Psychic attacks
  • Seduction

We have to be aware of what we are doing and here is a breakdown of this:


Some people will use praise in order to trick us and steal our light. This helps people to feel good about themselves but there might be an implication behind the praise.

This can be the beginning of manipulation and this can be someone who wants to steal your light.

Praising Children

Parents will praise their children so that they will behave, and they will tell them that they are good so that they do the right things. The more that they repress this, the more they will misbehave and will change when they are old enough to make their own decisions.

Praising Adults

We do not want to look for praise, but we do like it. If we are overly generous and we do not discipline ourselves, we can be just like a child. We can struggle with who we are, and we do not even know why.

Many adults will look for approval and will be too dependent on others. This can cause them to lose their energy to others.


Intimidation is being bullied and this can be a way that people get our light. Intimidation is not always seen, and it can be hidden. We can cross our arms, be rude or even smirk.

When we put another person down or judge them, we are stealing their light. When someone takes something from you or says it is not for you, it is stealing our light.

This happens when someone is jealous and when they see something someone else has that they want.


This is one of the energies that can be stolen by feeling good. Even when we touch someone gently or give them a hug, we have their energies.

When we do not want to be hugged or when we were children and our parents always made us hug our relatives, this can be a way they steal our energy.

Most kids do not want to hug, and it is because they are connected with their energy.

Parents and Children

If you are a parent and you are hugging your child, it can make them feel better right away. This happens because they get our energies. Kissing their head also heals their energy because you are putting energy in their spirit.

You can steal their energy the same way such as rubbing their feet when they are a baby, and this is taking their energy. When you feel tired and emotional, stay away from your children so that you do not take their energy.

Do not feel bad if you have done this, you did not know and most of the time you have to be conscious about this.

Emotional Evocation

The goal of an emotional vampire is to take the energy and to feel energized.

Shame and guilt can come when you do this because it can cause your energies to fall. It can also leave you open to psychic attacks. This can also come in the form of annoying others and terrifying them.

With babies, playing peek-a-boo can be stealing their energy because of the shock and this is a form of emotional vampirism.

Tickling can also steal their energy. When you tickle them, it brings fear and you will see this in their mind and eyes. This causes their muscles to contract and them to be afraid and it can drain their energies.

Psychic Attacks

Another form of this is through psychic attacks. This can be directed at a certain individual and can cause them to feel your energy and to take it from you.

When someone thinks of you, you can send them negative thoughts and not even realize you are doing it. If someone is often worried about you, you are taking their energy. This person loves you and even though you do not realize it, you are stealing energy form others.


There are two types of archetypes and you have to be careful when dealing with them. The first is denying the innocent and the second is victim.

The innocent one is when they are not aware of what they are doing to you. They do not want to harm you and they love you.

The victim is the person that is weak and that feels sorry for themselves. They will take your energy because they want to feel better.

Be aware of these kinds of people because they can trick your mind and manipulate you.

Stop Being an Energy Vampire

If you want to stop being an energy vampire, you have to realize you are one. You have to see that you steal the energy of others and you have to make sure that you are aware of what you are doing.

Learn to stop doing this and realize that everyone needs to stop repressing their emotions and be more open. When you repress your emotions, you become susceptible to being an energy vampire.

You are sensitive to the energies and you have to learn to be faster, move fast and let the information you get process. Stop being shameful and guilty of what you are feeling and learn to handle your behaviors.

Take Back Light

The universe cannot take from you if you do not want it to. This happens when you are ignorant and silent. Remember you can take back your energy light and take back what is yours.

Psychic energy thieves have happened even since childhood and when you want to be whole and who you are, you can do this by taking back your power.

You can have strength, confidence and intelligence and you can keep it. Do not let others take it form you. Learn to give only what you want to give and to keep what is yours.

You can do this through your intent and by centering yourself and knowing what is yours.

Cultivate Energy

There are three ways to get energy: steal it, evoke it, and cultivate it.

Stealing is the biggest way people get energy and this can happen with your internal self and black magic. We can deplete people in their life and when we depend on someone, it is hard to imagine our life without them.

We sometimes feel tired and we use caffeine, and this is because we spend so much time at work and on the computer and this makes us tired in our body and mind. We have to learn to slow down.

Cultivate Energy

There are ways we can cultivate our own energy. You can do this by opening up your mind and body and letting energy fill you. This can happen with nature and with other techniques.

You can use qigong or Zhan Zhuang and different poses through yoga and other ways to strengthen your qi. Other practices include getting energies to your body.

Protecting Your Energy

You can protect your energy by not being afraid. Fear is what energy vampires feed on and if you are centered and your heart is opened then you will not be harmed.

Repressing your emotions and not being aware can make you feel that you are not able to fight off energy vampires. When you know what you are feeling, energy vampires cannot harm you.

If you are innocent and you want to believe that everyone is good, you can lose your energy fast.

Here are ways to protect yourself:

  • Grounding Yourself.
  • Give your heart joy.
  • Lighten up.
  • Put your hands over your belly button and seal your energy.
  • Own your space.
  • Own your energy space.
  • Root yourself.
  • Protect your mudra.
  • Stay neutral.


Knowing your body and knowing what an energy vampire is can protect you. Most of us have not developed our mind enough to know all of our thoughts and feelings but you can be accountable and do this.

The level of accountability that you have can keep you safe from energy vampires.