Found Your Soulmate? Here is How to Tell


It is sometimes said that before birth the name of our spiritual half as already been determined. This is the perfect match or soulmate and everyone has one. Though most would consider a soulmate a perfect match that will lead to harmonious bliss, a true spiritual soulmate “completes” their other half.

People are unable to complete life alone so we all need someone to help us along the way. Unfortunately, this is not always a positive experience. While being in a soulmate relationship that is honest, committed, and sincere is great, the goal is to be pushed beyond what is comfortable so you can be a better version of yourself.

Soulmates tend to be thought of as symbiotic, but they can actually be rough at first. It may seem like the two pieces do not fit at first, but with a bit of twisting and turning, the pieces click. The knowledge that this person is the right one will be sensed in your soul.

Soulmates can appear in disguise in such a way that you may not be physically attracted to them at first, but still feel drawn to them in some way. You may have a checklist of the perfect mate an they o not check all the boxes. However, if you are brave enough to give it a go anyway, you may find your soulmate.

There are a few ways to know:

  • You just know – Something deep within you tells you this person is perfect for you and your life, as if something is pushing you in their direction.
  • Crossed paths – Soulmates have met before, sometimes in a previous life, and are connected in some way. When you meet, it is the right time.
  • Right time – You must be ready to meet your soul connection, timing is everything.
  • Peaceful place – When the quiet space between you two is comfortable and comforting, then the relationship is right.
  • Silent thoughts – With a soulmate, there is a depth to the relationship. You are likely able to know and feel what your soulmate is thinking before a word is ever said.
  • Shared pain – With a soulmate, you will share everything when together, sadness, stress, worry, joy, and happiness, without saying a word.
  • Flaws and benefits – Everyone has flaws and with a soulmate, these flaws have benefits. Every trait is both positive and negative and soulmates see this.
  • Life goals – With a soulmate, you will share ethics, values, and goals, even if you have different ways of attaining these goals.
  • Conversing – Though conversations with anyone can be rough at times, soulmates know that together, anything can be worked out.
  • Alone time – Soulmates recognize the need for independence and do not fault each other for needing alone time.
  • No jealousy – There are no threats to your relationship because you are secure in the connection.
  • Respect – A soulmate is respectful to their other half, even when opinions differ.
  • No threats – Even though we all get angry at times, with a soulmate, there is not threat of divorce or any screaming or other forms of purposely hurtful discourse.
  • Happy partner – Soulmates give in to each other for shared happiness. This is not co-dependence, but mutual admiration.
  • Apologize – Soulmates are clear on the fact that words cause harm and sometimes apologies are needed, this is not a problem to give.
  • Do it all again – You know your soulmate is for you forever, but if you had to o it all over again, you would choose the same.
  • Complete each other – No person is perfect, but a soulmate completes you to create a perfect union, even if you are complete opposites.
  • Hold one another – When you are in the arms of a soulmate, there is no place you would rather be. You are meant to eternally be together.

If you are lucky enough to find your soulmate, then these signs will be present in time.