How Sensitive Are You?


Are you super sensitive and there are things that you feel that other people miss out on? Maybe you have friends that are sensitive, and you want to understand how to be kinder to them and to support them more.

Sensitivity can be there on different levels. People can be emotionally sensitive, physically sensitive and have intuition that makes them spiritually sensitive. Some people are sensitive in all ways and they have a hard time pushing through life.

You may feel that you are a completely different person than everyone else and that you are weird because you see things differently. Maybe you see signs and symbols that make no sense to you or maybe you have visions.

Understanding about how your sensitivity works inside of you can change the way that you do things and the experiences that you have in your life.

There are different labels that people give to those that are sensitive such as:

  • Empath
  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive
  • Hyper Sensitive
  • Claircognizant
  • Discerning

It never matters what people call it, what matters is what you experience and what you feel and understand about yourself.

Why is it Important to Talk About Sensitivity?

It is important to talk about sensitivity because people experience it all the time and they suffer because of their feelings. They have to learn that being sensitive does not make them weak or fragile, but it is a gift that the universe gave them. You just have to learn to manage this gift and to be able to analyze what you are doing and why.

Do not ignore your sensitive nature because this can bring your strength and power. The gift of sensitivity is a gift that was given to you so that you can help others. This is a powerful gift even though it is hard to understand.

Here are some ways people can be sensitive:

Emotional Sensitivity

Being emotionally sensitive means that you are able to be in tune with your own emotions and you feel the emotions of others. You will connect with people on different levels and you will feel what they are feeling.

Some people like this are very creative and they do not often realize that they feel these emotions very strong until they are creating something.

Someone that is emotionally sensitive can have internal issues meaning you are in touch with how you feel or external which means you understand and know how others feel. Your feelings are going to be based on you and not what other people talk about.

You might wonder if what you are feeling is your own feeling or if it is the feelings of others. You need to step back and figure out things about your life so that you can know how to use this gift.

Physical Sensitivity

Being physically sensitive means that you can use your five senses to understand things. You might be able to taste and smell things that other people cannot, or you might be sensitive to sounds or to touch.

Intuitive Sensitivity

The strangest of these is intuitive sensitivity which means you are picking up information around you that you might not really understand. This can happen in your mind or in signs and symbols, but you are able to use a sixth sense to see and feel things.

There will be things that you know without someone giving you information and it will be hard to explain. You have to learn to trust your instincts so that you can operate with these giftings.

It is common for someone that is intuitive to have internal conflict and to wonder if they are really feeling what they think they are feeling. There will be times where something will come to an intuitive right on the spot and they will get a tint of revelation.

Being intuitive doesn’t mean you are going to always be right, but you will be right a lot. You need to learn to understand these feelings and stay relaxed.

Why Does This All Matter?

Why does it matter if you are sensitive or not? This matters because you will see other people as valuable and you will be able to say things that will make impressions to people and make others aware of things going on around them.

Some people have learned to use this gift to channel things into their life and to help shape the wellbeing of others.

Growing Up

Maybe you were sensitive from the time you can remember, and you lived a childhood where you always felt sensitive to things around you. You might see that this was part of your gifting and see that it didn’t go away just because you grew up.

Maybe you were poor growing up and you had very few friends. Maybe you saw that you connected with the “weird” crowd and that you were friendly but not very outgoing and this made you feel that you had no one in your corner.

Chances are that you struggle with this today and you still have a hard time making friends or being close to other people. This can happen because of being overly sensitive and not wanting to have sensitivity overload.

Being a Sensitive Adult

Dating and doing things in life might be harder for you than other people because of your sensitive streak. You might not understand how you can fix this, and you might try to overcompensate for things.

Sometimes you will be clueless as to what the other person is feeling about you and you might overthink things in your life that make you feel insecure.

You might have a date and decide a few minutes into it that it was a waste of time and that you just need to end the date fast and not waste any more of your time or theirs.

You might struggle dating and hope that things work out for you later on in the future. You may even be one of those people that are in a good relationship, but you have a hard time always getting along with your partner because you hate to go out and you feel awkward or like you don’t know the right thing to say or do.

As you get older, you will realize that being sensitive has good perks and that you can learn to solve problems and make solutions that other people cannot make.

You might be a person at work that likes to work alone, and you can get along with everyone, but you do not always understand them. You want to be around people that are true and honest, and this is part of being sensitive.

You are probably the person that your co-workers come to talk to when they have a problem and you notice that people are always opening up to you, even strangers because they see that you are understanding and kind.

Counseling others might become second nature to you because it seems like everyone wants to come around you and have your time and know what you are feeling or thinking. It might feel like you have divine wisdom in your life.


Since you are strong in your intuition, you might have an easy time meeting others, but you will want people in your life that are kind and understanding if you are going to connect with them.

It will be hard for you to explain why you are so sensitive and you might want to hide yourself from other people because you are afraid that they will not understand you.

It can be easy for you to learn to adapt and to manage your feelings and to have more connections in your life.

Being an extrovert is very different than being an empath and you might have a hard time keeping the conversation going or you might feel shy when extroverts are around you. This can be a strange role to play.

Another thing you can do is to just sit back and let the universe send you people that fulfill your energy and that are important in your life.

Learn to understand that you are different and that you can be comfortable in your own skin.

Reading Deeper

You can reach deeper into yourself and learn to go places such as big crowds, companies, stores, cities and more. Doing this can allow you to use your gifts to read the feelings and energies of others.

You can take the temperature of the room and you can use your traits to find people that you can help. You might become overwhelmed in high traffic areas but do not feel bad about this. Take time for yourself and get alone for a moment if you feel overwhelmed.


You are not a fortune teller and you need to understand that the future is not fixed.  There are things that will change in the future and the things that you do will change what you are doing.

There will be patterns and timelines that you will follow and things that you can do on your own to have good outcomes. You will not be overly attached to people, but you will often be anxious when you have to meet new people. Try to not overthink things.

There will be times when you will be on one path and then things will change, and you will find yourself in a totally different time or thing. There will be possibilities that come before you and will help you.

This can be painful when you have to give up things that you want to do, and you might even have bad things come but you can work through them.


Here are some tips that you can use to manage your sensitive side.


Discernment is one of the biggest things that can help you in your life. Learn to listen to yourself and trust yourself. If you are doing something hard, listen to yourself and be encouraged.

If you get a sensation that something isn’t right, it probably isn’t. Practice letting yourself know what you are feeling and embrace it.

Just because you pick up on something strange doesn’t mean that you have to do anything about it. This can mean that you might need to leave, or it can mean that you are picking up on other people’s feelings.

Use visuals in your life and learn to figure out what emotions are yours and what belongs to everyone else. Learn to use these to your advantage and know when you have a problem in yourself. Be open minded at all times.


If you are sensitive, you really have to have boundaries. You will pick up the energies of the things, people and places around you and you will become overwhelmed and stressed out if you do not set boundaries.

Be careful about what you watch on television because this can cause you to be overly sensitive as well and make sure that you distance yourself from people that are mean or vindictive.

Look for things that are inspiring and read books or listen to music. Find people to talk to that want to have meaningful conversations and spend time with you in a meaningful way.


You have to have self-love if you are an empath and you have to make sure that you are taking care of yourself.

Be in tune with your feelings and make sure that you are caring to yourself and that you are loving. If you are sensitive, you will need quiet time and you will need time to recharge and to ground yourself. Pay attention to what you are feeling and when you are in a large crowd, take a bathroom break or find a quiet room to regain your thoughts and peace. Leave the room if you need to or leave the area completely.

Know that you can move around and do things such as swim or go for a walk-in nature. This can help you to be grounded and get you out of being stuck if you are.

Take time to learn how you can take care of yourself and know what you need.


There are different resources that you can find online, or you can talk to a psychic to help you get information you need. Find coaches and therapists that you can talk to and go to a reading when you can.

Find different books to read about your gift and do not get offended if you read something that you do not like but let your ego be pushed aside and learn from it.

Get deep into your mind and look at the details of your life. Find interviews and podcasts online to listen to so that you can figure out how to keep your emotions in check.


Hopefully, this article will help you. If you are sensitive in nature, you just need to be more aware. If this has bogged you down or made you feel that you are burdened, do not be. This can be a gift that is full of strength.

Use things to help nurture yourself and allow yourself to use your gifts to help yourself and others.