How to view auras in five minutes or less

How to view auras in five minutes or less

Seeing auras is very easy. Everybody can learn how to do it, even yourself. You do not have to necessarily possess psychic powers.

Nevertheless, I must say that one of the best ways to develop your intuitive gifts is learning to see your auras.

How to view auras

You can practice all these until you find that which works best for you:

What you require:

  • A white piece of paper
  • Your hand
  • A room with natural or soft light

Put your hand on the paper and separate your fingers as if you are trying to trace your hand. Let your fingers not be far apart, relax and feel comfortable. Do not look directly between your fingers. Do not pay attention to. This might sound strange if you haven’t done it before. You’ll see a glow around your fingers within no time.

View your own aura

What you require:

  • Yourself
  • A mirror

You can practice this one during the day such that the bathroom lights are turned off. That’s the only way you won’t feel the light glare in your eyes. Also, there’s a relaxing atmosphere created in the end.

You just need to look at yourself in the mirror. I know this sounds weird but do not forget that you will not be staring at yourself in a mirror on the wall sort of way.

You will start to see a soft glow around you if you don’t pay much attention.

Viewing the aura of other individuals

What you require:

  • A wall
  • A partner

This is my favorite way to view auras.

Ensure you have a plain, cream color wall. Let your partner sit or stand in front of a wall. Stand or sit back about eight feet.

Pay attention to their “third eye”, the area between the eyebrows.

You might feel like laughing which is still okay because this is supposed to be fun.

Once you are done, imagine seeing your partner to the wall behind them.

Aura takes away

Anybody can learn how to see auras.

There are several ways one can learn how to see auras, that choose that which you find more fun.

Don’t be disturbed if you can’t see them.

Life can be better when aura’s knowledge is applied. This is because our aura colors show how we feel, therefore, aura knowledge can help you improve your murky aura to one that’s vibrant and sparkly.


  1. I find the idea of viewing auras fascinating. Even if there’s no solid scientific backing, it can still be an enriching exercise for self-awareness and relaxation.

  2. The steps are well laid out and easy to follow. It would be interesting to know if these methods have been validated by more experienced individuals in the field.

  3. While the concept of auras is intriguing, it would be nice to see a discussion on the potential psychological factors influencing our perception of auras.

  4. Although the methods described to see auras are interesting, I would appreciate more detailed references or scientific studies backing these claims.

    • It’s possible that the article is more focused on practical advice than on theoretical explanations, but adding a few references could indeed be beneficial.

  5. The article simplifies the process of seeing auras in a very practical manner. However, the scientific explanation behind the phenomenon remains unclear.


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