Knowing if You are a Lightworker


A lightworker is a person that is a teacher or a healer and is someone that is spiritual. They have been put on the earth so that they can help to guide people and they come to deliver messages to the right people.

Conscious Mind

A lightworker is someone that is in a soul contract and they are put with people that they are meant to help. It is similar to a teacher and student relationship.

The work happens and it can be a unique experience. When life is hard, a lightworker will live their life but that doesn’t mean their life is easy. They will still feel sad, lonely, fearful and other ways but they will learn to live through these things so that they can be stronger.

A lightworker has to develop their life and the experiences that they have will help them to be better.

Healing and Needs

A lightworker is someone that knows that the world needs healed. They are able to discern things in their life and they can use their intuition to help guide and heal others.


Everyone has a spirit guide and lightworkers are able to speak with their guides on a personal basis. They are able to hear their messages and to channel the flow of consciousness.

Believing in the Spirit World

A lightworker is someone that knows that they have energies that are powerful. They are able to connect with the spirit world and to talk to their angels and guides.


Lightworkers are committed to growing and they want you to have good emotional support. They are aware of things in life and they work to reach their highest good.

Lightworkers know that things happen even when we don’t want them to and they believe in protecting their energies.

Facing Uncertain Times

Everyone knows that life is uncertain and lightworkers have learned to deal with the uncertainty in time. They know that there is always a process of life.

Lightworkers want things to be certain but they have learned to deal with things that aren’t certain.


Lightworkers know how to manifest things to their life. They know that thinking positively can help to manifest good things in their life and vice versa.

Divine timing is always the right time.