Learn How to Develop Your Psychic Giftings


People are born with some kind of psychic gifting and even if you don’t have any idea that you have any, you can learn to grow these gifts and you can move closer to reaching your goals and knowing your life purpose.

Most people are able to look at their gifts from a certain point of view and even if they see it, sometimes people ignore the signs of their gifting, they have the gifts and they shouldn’t let them go. People that are clairvoyant might need to meditate more so that they can have stronger fits. Other people that have these gifts need to work to unblock their life and to open up their potential.


Meditation is one way that you can increase your psychic gifting. When you meditate, you raise your vibrational frequency, and this can help you to clear your mind and to reach your higher self. You should meditate each day for a few minutes a day and you can listen to your spirit self.


If you want to increase your psychic powers, you have to learn to trust yourself and to believe in your intuition. Most people have had their intuition tell them something and because of their ego, they ignore it. This can cause them to listen more to their ego and fall in a trap to not listen to what they need to do.

Your intuition will tell you what you need to do, and it is like a sixth sense that you have. This is a voice that will guide you from inside and this is something that we can all use to help us make good decisions.


Fear is something that will hold you back and if you want to increase your psychic gifting, you have to know that being a psychic can be scary. There will be things that happen to you sometimes that you cannot explain.

A psychic isn’t guided by things that they see but they are guided by energy and by intuition. If you are getting into the emotions of someone else, you have to learn to embrace the idea of facing the unknown.

Spirit Guides

Having a psychic gift can be great and if you want to increase it, you can talk to your spirit guides to help you. Ask them to give you help and to show you what your goals are. When you learn to talk to them, you can get answers from them.

Your guides will communicate with you and so if you have a question or a problem, talk to them.


You can use psychometry to increase your gift. You do this by trying to read the energies off of objects that you find. You can use objects that are from history and you can touch them and try to feel their energies.

When you can feel their energies, you can learn to pick up on their vibrations. Practice this by taking an object and holding it for a while. Then say what you think the object is and where it has been. After you guess, look, and see where the object is from and if you are right.

Keep practicing because you will not get good right away. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t get distracted.
  • Put your hands in your lap and rest them.
  • Close your eyes and have someone put something in your hand.
  • Allow the images and visions to come to you. Listen to your senses.
  • Don’t judge the object even if it seems meaningless or weird.
  • The more you practice the better you will get.


Another thing that you can do is to close your eyes and take deep breaths. You can think about what you think might happen and then notice what you are imaging. You can even write it down and see if it happens the next day.

Reading Thoughts

You can increase your telepathic abilities by trying to read the minds of those around you. Guess what your friend is thinking and then you can tell your friend what you thought they were thinking and see if you were right.

You can also play guessing games with cards and try to guess the next card that is going to be drawn out of the deck.


You will never get good at your giftings if you give up after the first time. Look at things that you do and pay attention to different information. Pay attention to the senses that you have and imagine things. Look at picture and see if you can figure out what is happening.

You will not get good overnight, and it takes time to develop your giftings. Keep practicing until you are successful and then practice more. You will see that your vibrations will get stronger the more you practice.