Learning to Trust Your Psychic Feelings


People have feelings and they often call it psychic feelings. Even though some people have these feelings over and over again, they sometimes have a hard time trusting what they feel.

Some people feel that when they have these psychic ideas or feelings that it will be something physical that they can touch or feel that will get their attention. The truth is thought that when you get a feeling that is deep inside of your gut or you really believe something, this can be a psychic feeling.

One great thing about psychic feelings is that they are never the same and there might not be any other signs, but if you listen, they will increase.

One reason people do not trust their feelings is because they are not sure how these feelings work, and they do not know how to express them or talk about what is going on in their life.

Psychic Feelings

The feelings that you have are natural and they are made up of energies. The energy does not change in time or in space and since your feelings are made of energy, they can come to you when they need to. The energy that you have in your aura is where you will get these feelings.

A psychic reading can help you to know if your feelings are your own or if they are really psychic feelings. We sometimes do not believe that we can trust ourselves unless we have real truth or facts to back it up. Psychic feelings put you in a situation where you have to learn to trust the energy because it comes through the universe and comes to you as feelings.


When someone is being dishonest or secretive, it can cause you to be upset or even depressed. The energy that is sent out into the universe can cause you to have different feelings. The feelings do not have to just be sad but can also be happy.

The psychic feelings can be picked up through your emotions and when you begin to feel them, you will realize that these feelings can go from you to someone else and vice versa.

The next time you feel something, and you wonder what it is, see if it is energy that is being sent to you from the universe. If you have feelings that you have a hard time making sense of, it can mean that you are questioning yourself and not trusting who you are.


People might not trust their psychic feelings because when you feel something there is no proof or even touchable things. It is hard to make a strong decision on something based on what you are feeling, especially if it could affect your future.

When people have a psychic reading, they have to figure out if their feelings are real or just a part of their imagination. It is sometimes hard to know if your feelings are real or if you are making them up in your mind.

When you have to deal with something important in your life, go to a psychic and ask them to give you a reading. You never want to make a decision based on a wrong feelings and this can cause you to be stressed.

A psychic can help you to get rid of stress and fear and can help you to know if you are having a psychic feeling or if you are hearing things in your own head.

If you are not sure about your feelings or if you are showing psychic tendencies, talk to a psychic and let them do a reading on you.