Meaning of Itchy Palms


Most people have heard sayings about itchy palms. For most people, an itchy palm represents money, but the truth is, depending on which palm is itching, it can be totally different things. Let’s review what it really means when your palms start itching for no real reason.

Right Hand

There is great spiritual meaning in the right hand. This is the hand that is considered to be symbolic of good fortune and receiving. In reference to the Bible, in Isaiah, it is God who holds the right hand. Open your right hand to receive God’s blessing. This is the significance of the right hand, so if it itches, what does it mean? As mentioned, several superstitions claim it means you will soon receive money in some form. As an example, it could indicate you will receive a reward, but could also mean winning the lottery, getting an unexpected raise, or finding money on the ground. If your right hand is itching, check your pockets for money you did not know you had.

If you happen to be selling something, like a house or car, then an itchy right palm can mean a generous offer is coming. You may also have itchy palms before payday or a check comes in the mail. While the superstition does not guarantee an exact amount of money, just expect a financial windfall. However, the superstition also states that scratching the itch can cancel the good fortune.

Left Hand

Unlike the right hand, an itchy left palm is not a positive sign. Left hand itchiness can reveal soon to happen financial troubles. This is loosely based in Ecclesiastes in that a “…foolish man’s heart directs him to the left”. The left symbolizes bad decisions. This could mean you are about to get an unexpected bill or just lose money. These financial problems are likely caused by a mistake that sent you down the wrong path, like car repair, home maintenance, or medical issues. This itchiness could also means bills are coming due and you are concerned about having enough money or that you are struggling to pay off a debt.

An itchy left palm may indicate an economic downturn that will soon happen, so do not let it surprise you. Still, there is hope. If the Bible verse is correct, we simply need to ask God for help. Remember, sometimes an itchy hand is just an itchy hand. Not everything can be predicted by a body part that has an itch, nor are bad things always predictable. Keep an open mind, but live life as everything comes, even when it is tough.