Protecting Yourself from Psychic Attacks


People may not realize that psychic attacks are real. Many today think that is a belief only of the dark ages, but some experience psychic attacks today. After all, the spiritual world remains the same as it did centuries ago. It stands to reason that some can fall under curses, black magic, evil spells or other paranormal attacks.

However, there is protection against such attacks and you can rest assured that you can also do things to prevent attacks as well as defend yourself if you find that you are under a psychic attack.

Specifically, there are three things you can do to prevent a psychic attack:

  1. Use an amulet, talisman, cross or faith symbol

The item you use to protect yourself largely depends on your faith. Christians prefer crosses while Buddhists will want an amulet. The important thing is to use these in your home or on your person to protect you at all times.

Having a symbol isn’t enough. There is a way to use it for protection. Typically, you will need to first clean your symbol with rushing, clear freshwater. A second option is to leave it in the sun for several hours. Naturally, you will only want to use objects that can’t be damaged by sunlight or water.

Next, state out loud your intention of dedicating the symbol for your protection. Finally, say a prayer over the symbol that is following your belief system.

  1. Use flower essences

Most people don’t realize that flower essences can neutralize and ward off negative energies, entities, and spells that are the basis of psychic attacks. There are several ways you can use flower essences to protect yourself.

The first way is to take it orally by adding four drops to a glass of water. Another way to use it is to add it to massage oil and use it on your body for a protective barrier. A third option is to add it to a base lotion and use it daily. Finally, you can put flower essence in a spray bottle full of water and spray it around your home to protect your home.

  1. You can smudge your home and yourself

Smudging is a Native American tradition that works well as protection since it clears negative energies. It attracts negativity, carries it away and changes them into positive energy.

Typically, you use white sage or incense for this ritual. It is a simple process to smudge yourself and your home. You light the smudge bundle or stick and begin in one room, usually a back room. Allow the smoke to fill each corner as you move about the room reciting a prayer or mantra.

Once you feel the energy in that room change, move to another room and repeat the process until you have smudged your entire area, including closets and small crawl spaces.

Smudging yourself is easy as you let the smoke encircle you. Recite a prayer or mantra while you do this, just as you did when you smudge your home.

Once you perform some of these rituals, you will immediately feel a more positive energy. You may need to perform such tasks regularly if you are under heavy negativity at work or home. Keeping yourself protected from a psychic attack isn’t a one-time process. It is something that needs to be maintained for you to have favorable ongoing results and peace.