Raise Your Vibration Quickly


Raising your vibration is one of the secrets to helping the Law of Attraction work because this shifts you to a higher frequency. This allows for new possibilities and new realities to enter your life. The more your vibration increases, the more aware you are of the heart energy and able to align with the source. This brings you closer to fulfilling your desires. The faster you are able to raise your vibration, the faster manifestation can occur. There is no need for huge actions to increase vibration. The simplest of things can help and they are shared below.

  • Mind Movies – Mind movies are basically digital vision boards that are filled with positive affirmations, uplifting images, a super-charged subliminal audio, and high-vibration music of things you wish to make your reality. Watching a few minutes each day can help you manifest faster. Several are available for free.
  • Gratefulness – Say one thing out loud each day that you are grateful for.
  • Inspirational Quotes – Reading inspirational quotes are a great way to appreciate the important things of life. They can help you smile, laugh, and raise your vibration.
  • Be Creative – Create something to switch from your right brain to your left.
  • Deep Breaths – Extra oxygen connects you to the universe and calms you down,
  • Smile – This simple action raises your vibration and has a positive effect on overall mood.
  • Show Appreciation – Tell someone how much you appreciate them.
  • Funny Shows – Have a bit of fun watching a funny movie or show to lighten things up and raise your vibration.
  • Give Hugs – Hugs are good for us and the receiver as oxytocin gets flowing. This calms the nervous system, boosts immunity, lowers stress, and improves heart health. Hug those closest to you, including your pets.
  • Nature – Go outside and commune with nature to raise your vibration.
  • Listen to Music – Find upbeat or calming music you love and your vibration will shift to a higher level. Some artists create music just for this purpose.
  • Change Your DNA – DNA has a vibrational frequency and music recorded at 528 Hz resonates with the energy of peace, love, and health.
  • Dance Party – Even a dance party for one can release endorphins to lift vibration and mood, so get funky.
  • Charged Water – Water takes on the energetic frequency of our words and thoughts which can affect personal health and the environment. Change your water’s frequency by putting a message under it.
  • Find Beauty – Beauty is all around us, so take time to notice and appreciate it.
  • Compliments – Say something nice to someone you do not know without expecting anything in return to raise your frequency.
  • Get Moving – Exert some physical energy to get the endorphins flowing.
  • Stretch – We stiffen up when we are in one position for too long and this slows our energy. Stretch, stand, and work out those kinks.
  • Essential Oils – Essential oils can alter vibrations quickly. Try lemon, clove, or cinnamon for a boost.
  • Climb a Tree – This makes the world a playground and gives our mind a break while improving balance.
  • Swing – Swings are great for kids and adults as they help deal with over-stimulation and even trauma.
  • Daydream – This allows you to escape the world for a bit and align your vibration with what you desire. Visualize your ideal life to amplify the Law of Attraction.
  • Nap – A lack of sleep will lower your vibrational level, so take a nap and manifest in your dreams.
  • Skip – Move in this way for the joy of it.
  • Build Sandcastles – Let your inner child come out as your vibration is raised.
  • Blow Bubbles – This is a cheap and easy way to have some fun and raise your vibration.

Raising your vibration aligns you with universal energy and allows dreams to come true.