Signs of a Past Life


People have been born and are reborn and have had a past life even up to 2,000 or more years ago.  There are ideas that go far back even from the Celtic Druids to the idea of reincarnation.

People that believe in reincarnation feel that their past lives can be told through their bodies and souls and that they have emotional hints that show that they were in a past life.

Déjà vu

Most people have experienced the feeling that they have been somewhere before and that something has happened to them.  This is a phenomenon that goes into three categories:

  • Deja vice-an even that has already happened.
  • Deja senti-something that already was felt such as a song.
  • Deja visite-a place that we feel familiar about.

Even though scientists are not able to put a true finger on it, they feel that there is an explanation of why these things happen and these memories of past life.


If you have a memory of a childhood and the parents say that it never happened, is the child experiencing a fantasy or is she remembering something that happened in a different lifetime?  Memory is a strange thing and there can be faulty memories, or some believe it is a past life memory.


Memories are part of our past and can come as the form of nightmares or dreams.  Dreams can be things that have happened in everyday life and things that we remember but when you have ad ream or a nightmare of something that was traumatic, chances are you are remembering something from the past.


People have a hard time understanding their fears and phobias but those that have strange fears might have fears that have carried over from their other life.  Maybe there was a traumatic event that happened such as being bit or drowning.


Some people are very interested in other cultures and times and this can be a sign that someone is remembering a past life.  This can be something that is from a past life in a different land and can cause an interest in the language or the place.


If you love something and have a passion for a hobby that is different than other people, chances are you have brought these feelings from your past life.  You might love to go driving or painting and you might find that these interests are so strong that you have to do them.


Some people have bad habits and they don’t understand why.  When this happens, some explain that this happens because reincarnation might have rooted into your present life.


When there is a lot of pain in your body and your doctors can not figure out why, these might be existing pains that you had in your last life.  This can be pain from an activity that went wrong or something that hurt you when you were in another life.


Birthmarks are a sign of reincarnation and have even been studied for years and years.  Many feel that the birthmarks are signs of something that has happened in the past and they are related to this.

Some believe that this is not true, but others believe it is real.


There are medical proofs that show that the experiences that someone has are not exactly attributed to a past life, but many experts believe that the experiences are significant in reincarnation.  Take time to find out what you believe.