Signs You are a Lightworker

Signs You are a Lightworker

Lightworkers are people that have special gifts to help others. The lightworkers carry light to all places and they work to fill the planet with positive energies. Lightworkers help to balance the world and help people to reach a higher level of consciousness in their lives.

A lightworker is someone that has agreed with the universe that they would come to Earth in order to help others. They allow the light to fill their souls and when they need to help the world, the light is there.

A lightworker has many qualities including:

  • Healing powers
  • Strong energy
  • Psychic gifts
  • Teaching gifts

A lightworker comes to the world and they help to give light to others. They are there to work with people that need them and sometimes they show up when it is least expected. When someone’s light is out, they are there to help make it stronger.

A lightworker will go on a journey where they will learn who they are, and they will take care of any problems in their life that need to be healed. They will make sure that they have a strong light to share with others.

Lightworkers can have a hard job because they have emotions like everyone else. Once they are bogged down with their emotions, they sometimes have a hard time getting their flame lit again. They sometimes have to be guided and to listen to the universe for directions.

All lightworker jobs are different and the main idea behind a lightworker is that they are there to help others to get out of darkness and to shine their light.

A lightworker will show who they are, and they will bring love to the Earth.  They will help people to find their spiritual path, heal them with their hands or the words that they say and will send good energy to other people that need it.

Lightworkers can manifest powers to help them to know the thoughts and feelings other people have. They have the ability to make people feel special and to heal them. Most lightworkers have the gift of intuition and they are sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of people around them.

When a lightworker comes to your life, they are there to help you through your journey and to help you to realize what a great person that you are and to help you work through your problems.

Signs of a Lightworker

Here are some signs that you might be a lightworker:

  • You want to help others to heal.
  • You are very sensitive.
  • People call you an empath.
  • You are able to use your psychic gifts in many ways.
  • You want to heal others and learn more about healing.
  • You love animals.
  • You love children.
  • You love the environment.
  • You want to be around people, but you also like to be alone so that you can strengthen your energies.
  • You see the number 9-1-1 often.
  • You can control your own thoughts.

Lightworkers are there to help people to be healed and to help heal the Earth. You would not be who you are without the help of a lightworker and they play an important role in your life and the life of those around you.


  1. The article raises some thought-provoking points about the nature of lightworkers. Particularly, the balance they must maintain to keep their ‘light’ strong.

    • I agree. The idea of maintaining inner balance to be effective in helping others is a valuable takeaway, applicable in many aspects of life.

    • Indeed, the concept of balancing one’s own emotions to help others is quite significant. It highlights the importance of self-care even for those in caregiving roles.

  2. The notion of lightworkers having to manage their emotions like everyone else adds a humanizing aspect to their role. It underscores the challenges involved in such a vocation.

  3. The concept of lightworkers is intriguing. It suggests a blend of spiritual and psychological elements aimed at healing and positivity.

  4. It’s interesting how lightworkers are described as having both psychic and healing abilities. This holistic approach to well-being could be beneficial for many.

  5. The signs of being a lightworker mentioned in the article make me wonder how many people might identify with these traits without realizing their potential role.


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