Signs Your Angels Are Visiting


Have you ever bene in a room and all of a sudden, the room gets cold. You don’t know why because the heat is set on what it always is and there is no draft. You might notice all of a sudden that you no longer are alone, and you feel that someone is with you, even when no one is there.

If this happens to you, this can be a sign that your angels are close to you or that your guides are reaching out to you. Most of the time, angels do not talk to you to communicate with you, but they use different signs to channel things to you.

Angel messages can be loud if they need to and sometimes, they come in the form of voices such as the radio singing a song to you or hearing your voice but sometimes, they show you signs that are subtle and you have to really pay attention.

When an angel is close to you, you will see that you have more awareness as long as you are tuned into your body and your spirit world.

Your body can give you signs that your angels are close to you and if you learn to listen, you will never miss them.


When an angel visits you, their energy is strong, and it can leave you with physical sensations. Sometimes you might get goosebumps, or you might get tingling in your body. They have a much higher vibration than you and so when they come into your energy field, your body will react.

A chill might mean that your angel is touching you and if you feel tingling in your head, that is the crown chakra and the place where you open up your spiritual being to get messages from the divine.

Angels will shift the area because their frequencies are so strong and so when they enter the room, your body will show you that they are there.

Ringing Ears

If you hear ringing in your ears and you don’t have any kind of medical condition, this can mean that your angels are trying to give you a sign. Listen to them and pay attention to what is going on around you.

The sounds can be sounds like bells or buzzing but they can get your attention, and this can help you to grow in your spirit.

Warm Feelings

Angels are there to bless you and when you want to have a strong life, you can pay attention to how you feel. If you get warm out of nowhere, this can be a sign that your angels are visiting you.

The angels will come into the world and they will shift their energy. This can cause you to feel different and can change the temperature in the room and make you feel like you are warm.

Gut Feeling

You might get a gut feeling or feel like you have butterflies in your stomach when you are facing something hard in your life. This same feeling can come when you have to make a big decision. This is a sign that you are nervous or excited.

Sometimes though, when you feel butterflies, this can mean that your angels are there to connect with you. They will connect with the solar plexus chakra and they will help you to make the decisions that you need to make.


The brain and your smell go hand in hand and when you smell something that brings back memories, this is part of your world.

You have different smells that you hold close to your heart and when a smell comes out of nowhere, this can cause you to have special memories. These memories can come when your angels come to visit.

Angels have their own scents, and some will smell like chocolate and others like flowers or like mint. If you have a loved one that has passed on, you might smell their perfume or a smell that you know belonged to them.

Not Alone

Sometimes your angels will visit, and you will feel that you are not alone even though no one is there. You will feel a presence around you, and you will know that you are amongst a powerful thing. You will feel the energy shift, and this can mean your angels are close.


Talking and communicating with your angels is not the same as communicating with people or with friends. Angels live in their own spiritual realm and when they want to communicate with you, they will do so through a feeling or through a message that they know you will listen to.

Pay attention to sensations and feelings that you have and see if you are connecting with your angels and if they are close to you.