Transform any Problem into Success Today


Positive affirmations can have powerful results. Currently no book discusses how when Sanskrit words are combined an affirmation can be amplified. Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in existence and contains intense vibrational spiritual energy. This energy can help you transform a problem in your life into a successful outcome.

Ways to use positive affirmations

• Make your heart more receptive to love
• Heal lingering wounds from past relationships
• Heal lingering childhood traumas
• Purge residual fear, anxiety, or sadness from negative past experiences
• Attract wealth and love into your life
• Encourage angelic protection or aid
• Protect you from negative people or forces
• Repeal Energy Vampires from you
• Safeguard you from negative experiences
• Prevent you from being hurt by the actions of another person

These are just some of the wonderous ways positive affirmations can improve our life. It is important to formulate them properly and mindfully so the energetic vibrations resonate best for the person using them. Positive affirmations are meant to be used by you and not a psychic reader, but your psychic can identify opportunities for you increase love, money, job success and health in your life.

Why you must ensure proper affirmation formation

If you fail to combine the correct Sanskrit words that resonate with your personal energy vibration when forming an affirmation, it’s like sailing a boat with a hole in the hull. This ensures you are taking the best possible path forward. When you formulate your affirmations to your energy, they will absorb the entry vibration of your aura creating powerful results.