Types of Dreams and What They Mean

Types of Dreams and What They Mean

Dreams are sometimes called the window to the soul and there are different types of dreams that we can have. These dreams can sometimes show us what we are feeling and what our soul wants to show us. Dreams come so that we can understand what we are experiencing in our lives and so that we can figure out the truth.

The thing about dreams is that dreams are always honest and sometimes we just have to figure out what the dream means and embrace it.

The way that we respond to dreams can change what the dream means to us. We will have a deeper meaning to our dreams when we can see images and feel emotions in our bodies and soul. If you have ever woken up feeling scared, sad, or worried, chances are this was a bad dream. Maybe you have had a fun dream and woke up laughing or feeling good.

Dreams are a universal thing, and everyone has them. People will have dreams that are strong and have strong images and some of them can be symbolic.

Dreams can give you a reflection of what you are feeling and what you are thinking. Dreams can be different depending on who you are.

Understanding Dreams

People use symbols when they talk, and this happens in all cultures. They use different saying and different idioms to show people what they are talking about. Some of the best ones are ones that our parents or grandparents told us such as “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” or “each cloud has a silver lining.” These phrases show us thing by using language and our imagination so that we can understand.

When we look at dreams, we have to figure out what they mean. We have to be open minded to what the dream might mean and understand that there might not be a fast interpretation to the dream. Dreams need to have their space and it can be understood once we choose to break it down.

Conscious Mind

Our mind and our conscious thinking bring us peace and happiness. We have to learn to understand what our dreams are trying to tell us so that we can recognize them and understand what we need to know.

Our dreams can give us different viewpoints of how to look at something and each dream has a different meaning. The meanings of the dreams are important to help us to understand what we are trying to learn about ourselves or others.

When we want to understand our dreams, we have to learn to understand the language in our dreams. Dream language is something that means we are connecting with what we are dreaming.

If we dream about being naked, chances are our dream is saying that we are showing too much of who we are. Each of our dreams have a different meaning and the good thing about dream language is that it is easy to pick up and understand.

Dreams can give you clear thoughts on what you are doing in your life.

Five Kinds of Dreams

There are different categories that you can divide your dreams into, including, physical, emotional, archetypal, lucid, and soul dreams.


The physical dreams are related to what your body is doing. Maybe you are too hot when you are sleeping or maybe you have to use the bathroom. Maybe you are sick with the flu and your dream is showing you how you are feeling.

When you are in the dream, you will find a place to relieve yourself rather it is in front of a fan, in the bathroom or even at the doctor. Sometimes, you might dream you have something on your body and wake up with that body part hurting.  Other dreams might reveal a sickness you are battling.


Emotional dreams help us to know and understand what scares us, makes us happy and what we desire in our lives. We can have feeling such as happiness, sadness, loss, fear and more and our dreams can show us these emotions even when we do not realize we have them.


Archetypal dreams can be different kinds of themes or symbols that appear in your dreams. This can be like a comic book and can be part of the psyche. The psyche is your mind, soul, and spirit and this is a universal thing for all people.

There are many different stories that we can dream about such as books we have read, shows we have watched and more. These dreams can be both positive and negative and the energies that are given will reveal something deep to you, even though it is familiar.


Lucid dreaming is a popular kind of dream and this is when you know that you are dreaming. Someone that is having lucid dreams can control the outcome and can go where they want and do what they want.

If they want to face someone, they can do this and if they are afraid of something such as flying, they can face these fears in their lucid dreams.


Soul dreaming are dreams that involve nature and spiritual points. This can be someone dreaming of a shaman or of Buddha or someone dreaming of a source of light.


There are different interpretations for dreams. The way that we dream often has to do with the way that we communicate, and this can tell what your dreams mean.

Someone that dreams will know what the dream is about but other people might not be able to interpret the dream. The dream always belongs to the person that is dreaming it.

If someone dreams about a disaster, does this mean that a disaster is going to happen, or does it mean they have something wrong with their health? Maybe it means that the person is going to have a bad day. The thing is, this all depends on the behavior of the dreamer and what he or she is doing at the time of the dream.

Dreaming of someone dying can mean that the dream is looking at life from a different perspective. Maybe they feel that the situations that they have went through are hard and they have blocked things out of their life that are coming back to them.

Dreams can be deep and have indirect and direct meanings. The dreams that are indirect might be clear and they might also be hazy. These can be things that people have experienced in their life.

Core Techniques

Dreams have hidden layers and it might be years before someone really understands what their dream means. There are some ways that you can work to try to figure out what the dream means and here are some tips:

Go Back to the Dream

You can use your imagination and go back into your dream. You can do this through your imagination and through your daydreams. Your mind is a powerful things and you can get back into a dream that you have awoken from.

The first thing to do is find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Let the dream come back to your memory and pay attention to the emotions that you feel about this dream.

Engage in your dream and focus on it.

Questions for Understanding Dreams

Here are some things you can ask to figure out your dream:

  • Who are you playing in this dream? Yourself? An animal? A different person?
  • How does the dream make you feel?
  • What emotions do you have?
  • Do the emotions you have go with your past or present?
  • What images do you see?
  • What is the energy behind the dream?
  • What do you feel about what you are seeing?
  • What is a symbol of the dream?
  • What part of the dream was scary?
  • Do you think the dream had a message?
  • Is there anything beautiful in the dream? Focus on it.
  • What does the dream want to tell you?
  • Does your dream have a meaning?
  • What actions and emotions do you have?
  • What happened in the dream that surprised you?
  • Would you change the dream if you could get back into it?

Use these questions to figure out what your dream means.