Understanding Mercury Retrograde


Mercury retrograde is when the planet goes backwards or appears to when viewed from earth. This is an optical illusion due to orbital discrepancies according to science, but if you are a strong believer in astrology then you know this period of retrograde can have a great impact on each of us, though it materializes in different ways for each person. For some this means the same week will find you running into an ex you would rather never see again, dropping your phone in the toilet, and a major car repair all due to Mercury in retrograde. So at least you know it will pass and you are not forever doomed with bad luck. Below is what you need to know about identifying and balancing the effects of this retrograde so chaos is limited during these predictable periods.

Astrological Point of View

Every planet goes through a retrograde cycle each year, but Mercury manages to go through three because it is moving so quickly. This means Mercury passes through a new astrological sign every two or three weeks. When it goes into retrograde, it stays in a specific sign for around six weeks meaning that sign may be prone to more effects until it moves on to another sign.

Mercury rules over technology, transportation, information, and all forms of service so it is important to know when it is in retrograde, especially for your sign, to be prepared for potential mishaps. Something like a computer of phone acting silly, car issues, fights with a spouse, or missing mail may become issues during this period. Unfortunately, this is also a time when the past seems to resurface. While running into an ex may seem horrible, it is an opportunity to close the doors on haunting past issues that have been holding you back. This allows you to move forward with goals, projects, and even new relationships. If things are confusing, consider a psychic reading to help sort through the issues.

It can be tough to deal with Mercury in retrograde, but do not give up and just expect that the weeks will be terrible. Instead, do what you can to align your energy with that of Jupiter. If you can mentally prepare yourself for the mishaps and misunderstandings that are to come, then you have a better chance of preventing them because you will be very aware of your communication style. You will take the time to double check appointments, keep important documents organized, and may even prevent bigger issues by taking in a vehicle for minor repairs and a tune-up. This can help tremendously. In addition, you need to learn to prepare for a simple Mercury retrograde because every 18 months, you must also face a Venus retrograde followed immediately by a Mercury retrograde. Being prepared may be the only thing that keeps you sane during this extra trying time. No matter what, know this time will ultimately pass and life will get back to normal.