Understanding the House System of Astrology


When there is a circle of animals, such as the zodiac, there are different phrases and interpretations of the mapping and how the sun sets. There is a line that goes the same as the equator that circles the earth and there are different stars that represent the different signs.

The zodiac circle has 12 different sections and within each of the sections is a sign that is named after the constellations at the beginning of the zodiac.

Where the path runs and begins is when the sun is lined up with the equator. This happens when it is springtime and is called the Vernal Equinox. There are different signs that start this such as the Aries, which is called the first sign. It runs from March 20 to April 20 and has the Ram as its sign.

If you were born as an Aries, or in those months, you are the Aries sun sign, and this means that you will have a different personality as someone that is born 30 days different or more than you.

The Sumerians were the ones that made these signs and helped to develop the zodiac. This happened thousands of years ago and they based their information on how the sun moved and what planets were in line. They knew that they could use knowledge and the rotation of the earth to measure predictions of personalities and other things.

The Greeks also used these same signs to help guide them when their ships travelled, and this was called astrolabes. This is a small device that is metal and maps the moon, sun, stars and planets and even though they had not called it the zodiac, they used the same kind of calculations.

The boon in shipping was the same boon that was used for astrologers and the astrolabe was what helped them to be able to draw an astrological chart and to place the signs with the zodiac. This worked around how the sun rose.

The sun rising was as important to the Greek’s because they needed to know what direction they were headed, and the signs lined up and they called them “houses.” So now, many astrologers call the moving zodiac signs, houses based on their position on the astrological chart.

The sign that has the sun is part of the zodiac Aries and is the one that “first occupies the house.”

The first house of Aries is the place where you are able to move forward in your life. You have to let your ego go and allow the zodiac to move you forward. The second house is the Taurus, and it is a place of wealth and ideas. This continues until there are all 12 signs. The solar chart of the Taurus puts the Gemini in the second house which means that the Gemini would be able to tell his or her values to the Taurus and they would be close to each other and would-be friends.

As the Greeks changed and developed the solar chart, this helped people to realize astrology even more. The person that would have the sun in the first house would have relationships with people that would share their same sign.

Over the years, the Arabians did a different solar chart and instead of putting a sign in one house, they would calculate where the sun was along with the moon and the planets and they would see that these signs would cross through each of the different houses in the chart. This was a powerful calculation and the way that birth charts began to be made. When a person knows when they were born, they can find out what house their sign is in at the time.

The Sumerians calculated Aries as the first sign and the Greeks changed this and made the sun as the first house. The Arabians measured where the planets were and then put any of the zodiac signs as the first house no matter where the sun was in the zodiac.

Getting an astrological reading is vital information about who you are and what area of your life you are dealing with. It helps you to know what kind of person you are and what personality you have.


The house that your sun has in your birth chart will help you to understand who you should date, what your life partner has for you, what ideas you have and where you will fit in your life.

A normal astrological chart can help you to explore what your future will hold and help you to find ways to be successful in your life.

  • First House-Aries
  • Second House-Taurus
  • Third House-Gemini
  • Fourth House-Cancer
  • Fifth House-Leo
  • Sixth House-Virgo
  • Seventh House-Libra
  • Eighth House-Scorpio
  • Ninth House-Sagittarius
  • Tenth House-Capricorn
  • Eleventh House-Aquarius
  • Twelfth House-Pisces