Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guide


Everyone has a spirit guide and connecting to them is a simple thing that you can do. Some people confuse meditating and being spiritual but there are ways that everyone can connect easily with their spirit guide.

If you want to be clearer in your communication, you can learn more about your spirit guides and learn to increase your giftings of communication.

What is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is a spirit that is there to help you. They exist in a different plane and each person has more than one guide. The guide was given to you by the universe to help you in your life.

They help you to make good decisions and they help you to reach your higher self. They might also help you when you have a problem, advice you, comfort you and then guide you. They have a purpose to help you but not to make decisions for you. They are there to guide you when you are stuck or when you have questions. They want the best for you.

These spirits are departed souls and can be your past on loved ones or a guide. These guides are all different and they are not your guardian angels. The spirit guides are energies that are there to aid you in your better life.

Your guides are all unique and they can help you when your intuition is not working. The guides know what is going on in your life and they are there to help you and to understand you.

Kinds of Guides

There are different kinds of guides such as:

Best Friend Guides

These are guides that will be there for most of your life. They will interact with you and they will be like a best friend to you.

They will comfort you when you are sad and help you to laugh and have fun in life. When you have to deal with something hard, they will guide you and show you kindness and love.

They want you to have a peaceful life and they will try to show you how to be patient and to deal with change. They will advice you and help you to find happiness. Most of these guides have lived as humans and they understand what you are going through.

If you need to have something good happen in your day, your guides can give you good thought sand help you. They will come to you and help you when you have to make a hard decision. They will try to make you remember to laugh. Your best friend guide is always with you.

Guardian Guide

This is a guide that will be there to make sure you are safe. They will protect you and will tell you when to be careful about something.

Scholar Guides

These are guides that are smart and they have a lot of knowledge. These guides are there to guide you and to help you to learn things such as philosophy and education.

They will guide you in your spiritual learning as well.

Balance Guides

These guides are there to help you in your body. They want you to take care of your health and to exercise and diet properly.

If you hear a voice telling you to go to the doctor, this is your body balance guide.

Short Term Guides

Some guides are there just to assist you for a short while. If you are doing something hard and you need assistance for a while, this guide will be there for you during that time.

How to Talk to Your Guides

There are ways that you can communicate with your guides and they will communicate with you in different ways. They can come in your thoughts or show you signs or messages around you.

Sometimes you can talk to a medium and they can help you to talk to your guide. They are there to guide you and if you receive a message, it will be different than hearing your intuition. The best way to connect with your guide is to talk to them.

The way that you relate to your guide is different than everyone else. You want to have a strong relationship with your guide, and this means you need to nurture it. A spirit guide can commit to you and you can have a great relationship if you keep your communication open.

If you want to contact your guide, you can meditate and be quiet and your guide can come to you.

Ask your guide to come to you and invite them in. They want to talk to you, but they will not be pushy.

Once you are there, they will listen to you and you need to talk to them and tell them what you want. Let your guide come naturally and don’t try to force it.

Sometimes you can ask your guide to give you their name and listen for a name to come in your head. This can happen best when you are meditating.

Development Training

There are different kinds of spirit guides and they will never make a decision for you, but they will nudge you to do what is best for you.

Your guides are there to guide you and not to boss you. They are there because they know that you need them and because we don’t always make the best decisions by ourselves.

Your guides will never tell you what to do because humans hate to be told what to do and will often disobey. If you are insecure about a decision you have to make, this is where your guides will come in to talk to you.

The good news is that you have your guides to help you in all situations and anywhere that you are in your life.