We’ll Take It! But Is It Haunted?


Ask any home hunter. There’s usually concern expressed about haunting and ghosts. All they ask. is to have a home that’s ghost-free. It’s really a simple request. Something clean, with quiet neighbors, nice landscaping…and no ghosts.

Can that be done? Can we truly expect all of that?

When renting, leasing or buying a home, even in remote locations, remember that it might not always have been so remote. Every place has  history. So there really are ghosts everywhere.

Why is that?

Any place there’s been human population in the last 10,000 years, wherever there’s human history, the potential exists of encountering what those people left behind. This includes ghosts.

Despite this, it’s possible to find a home that’s virtually free of spirits or, at least a place where the spirits are positive so you can co-exist with them. It’s just like getting along with your neighbors: it’s possible to get along with positive spirits.

So when people request “ghost-free,” what they really mean is “demon-free.” And it’s possible to find that. It’s just like wanting a home free of black mold and termites. It can be found!

(I’ve been using the words “spirit” and “ghost” interchangeably. To the intellectuals who care, my apologies. I acknowledge that there is a difference between the concepts.)

Take note of how the home feels to you when you enterFinding a Spirit-Free Home

  1. Take note of how the home feels to you when you enter.

Spirits generally hide when potential new renters or owners come looking. So you likely won’t see, sense, or even pick up on the electromagnetic field of a spirit during your first visit to the home. You may not during your final walk-through, either.

But they have left evidence of their presence behind. This evidence is known as  residuals. Have you seen the movie Beetlejuice? Recall specifically the ghosts of the dead couple? Most things in the movie related to the couple are accurate. It may be “just a movie”. But that story is rooted in the truth.

You don’t need a medium or special tools to sense residuals. All you need is yourself.

Ask any woman who’s felt uncomfortable walking home alone at night to join you. Invite any wildlife hunter who’s used to picking up on subtle energy changes in the environment. Ask a current for former member of the military, or anyone with keen sensory awareness or so-called “street sense” to come along with you. Then watch how they react to the place.

If the home feels weird, cold or grimy, the current residents will probably reflect that. If the home feels airy, open, bright,and fills your soul with joy, that’s a reflection of the home’s current energy, and any spirits there are most likely the friendly type. If somebody mentions dreams or visions they had whether before, during or even after the visit to the home, take heed.

You may not sense ghosts or spirits during your tour of the home. This may be because they don’t want to be forced into leaving. Or it may be that they like you, so they’re hopeful that you move in and are eager that you have a good impression. But their residual energy can be trusted.

Pay attention your initial feelings when you first walk into the home. If you feel like it’s clean, it likely is. If you feel like it’s cold and weird, it likely is.

  1. Focus on finding a positive place.

Focus on finding a positive placeThis may feel silly. But for a moment, let’s compare ghosts to helpful gut bacteria. Gut bacteria isn’t all bad. Some can do damage, but others are beneficial and help you.

There are some things people simply must understand and co-exist with so we can live peacefully with.  Just as you can do things to cultivate a healthy gut environment that favors helpful bacteria, you can cultivate a healthy environment for helpful spirits. For the best results, start out somewhere that the process has already been started.

You’ll be working with an advantage if you focused on a place where this process has already begun.

You can’t have land free of insects. But you can cultivate an environment that welcomes the friendly ones and is less hospitable to the hostile or the biting ones.

It may sound strange, but it’s possible for spirits to be helpful. Some are an asset. Positive or helpful spirits are like matrons or home, like caretakers who have been caring for a place. This will serve as a favorable influence on you and on your family’s life.

A positive spirit may help you by waking you up if you accidentally fell asleep with a candle burning. They may help you feel an urge to turn back home if you left for work or vacation with the oven on or the back door open. They may watch over your family and find a way to alert you if there’s a problem.

  1. Location does matter.

It’s not difficult to be completely ghost-free. It’s especially difficult if you’re east of the Mississippi River, if you’re looking at places with previous or active battlefield history, or if you’re looking in areas that have had continuous human settlement for over 400 years. But even in places like this, you can find a home with positive ghosts.

If you’re concerned about a location, be sure to research the background of the area before you move in. Or consider moving to a desert setting where there hasn’t ever been mining activity, where there hasn’t been any illegal operation, and where you’re sure there hasn’t ever been any human activity or settlement.

  1. Be vigilant when you tour properties with negative associations.

Just as some homes inherently involve a higher risk of investment than others do, some homes inherently involve a higher spiritual risk. So be wary of renting, leasing or buying a home with negative associations, such as extended vacancies, foreclosures, evidence of prior illicit drug use, mental illness or death. Be careful also for physical issues such as damage, squatters, or neglect. Issues like this can attract low-vibration spirits.

Generally, if it a home is a risky investment, it’s usually a ghost risk, too. If it feels unclean and grimy,  it probably is. As we see on home improvement shows, most properties are salvageable, even if they don’t initially look  that way. This goes for spiritual matters, too. Even the creepiest-feeling places are fixable.

  1. What if ghosts appear and start to trickle in later?

Even if you’ve followed the advice above, it’s okay and normal for spirits to appear later, and you’ll be able to manage it. You can scrub the floors as thoroughly as possible, but bugs move in after the renters anyways. It’s similar with spirits. But it’s not necessarily somebody’s fault, just like an ant infestation may not be somebody’s fault.  Some ghosts float over from other homes. Some curious spirits just come from across the road to check things out.

Whatever the case, don’t worry. It’s possible to clear negative energy from a home, and to set a new, more positive pace. This goes for spirits, too. Even the creepiest-feeling homes can be improved!