What is it Like to be a Light Bearer?


If you have never heard of a light bearer, you might not know what that means. A light bearer is someone that has been given power from the universe in order to help others to heal.

If you are seeking to be part of the light and to be a light bearer, you know that the energy needs to be balanced. You need to let your energy to grow.

You have to change your thinking and your mindset in order to help others. This can be a personalized experience.

There are teachers and other people that know what being a lightworker means and if you are someone that is seeking this, you are looking for inner wisdom and for hope.

Being a giver and being kind and compassionate is important to being a lightworker. You have to be forgiving of others and you have to believe in light.

Call in love and liberty into your life and allow others to see where your heart is. By understanding your conscious mind, you can work to inspire others and to be a leader.

If you want to be a healer, you can listen and care for others and work beyond your spirit being to help people to reach their goals.

Be a creator and train others for the future. Train them to know the universe and to be free from their ego.

What is a Light Bearer?

A light bearer or a light worker is someone that does not look at themselves as divine or highly admired, but they look to others. They share hope and love to people all over the earth.

These are people that empower themselves to be strong and to help others. They help to bridge the body with the spirit world and help to open up the soul of those around them and those that need help.

Light workers have to deal with hard things in life just like others do but they have conditioned themselves to be stronger. They work to do what only they can do to share the sacred parts of themselves with others and to help them grow.

There is a standard that the lightworker must follow and they work with humanity to make sure that they are doing the job that the universe gave them.

Role of the Light Worker

Here are some things that a light worker will do:

  • Set standards to make sure there is always light.
  • They will help to balance energy and help others to grow.
  • Bring forth change.
  • Change the way that people think about things.
  • Have unconditional love for others.
  • Teach knowledge and growth.
  • Use their gifts to share their wisdom.
  • Love, be kind, be compassionate.
  • Forgive others.
  • Get rid of mindless thinking.
  • Understand the conscious mind.
  • Inspire the world.
  • Heal others.
  • Listen to others.
  • Speak from the spirit world.
  • Create newness.
  • Help the universe to grow.
  • Protect Mother Earth.

Being a lightworker is important and is a special gift from the universe. If you are a lightworker, embrace this gift and share it with others.