Avoiding Energy Vampires

Avoiding Energy Vampires

Do you ever feel that you are spending time with someone and they suck the energy right out of you?  You leave the date feeling tire and bored.  You might even be angry or depressed.

There will be times when you have negative thoughts about someone and then you feel bad and you might even think something is wrong with you or feel guilty for what you are thinking.  When this happens, you will realize that you are in the company of an energy vampire.

Energy vampires are people that attach to you emotionally and they are very immature people.  They think the world revolves around them and their problems and they cannot ever see things from someone else’s point of view.  They have no empathy and they think that they have to take and never give back to others.  They do whatever makes their world better for them.

You can protect yourself from being drained by an emotional vampire  The first thing you have to do is to make sure that you know your own emotions and secondly, you need to know how much this person is threatening your happiness.


Your own emotions will determine how much you can take of an emotional vampire.  One of the best things you can do is to look deep in yourself and learn to understand your reactions.  You need to be kind to yourself and accept who you are.

Reflect on your life each day and do things that make you happy such as walking or cooking.  Increase your lifestyle with things that bring you joy. This will increase your emotional strength and will allow you to be patient and strong.

If you have a mentor that is educated and you have developmental experience, this will help you.  If you struggle with someone disrupting your life or if you are a critic to yourself, you will always be putting yourself down.  You will be vulnerable to emotional vampires because they feed on those things.

One thing that you have to consider is what your motivation is for being around this type of person.  If you have a reason to have them around such as they will help you get a better job, you will have to put up with them and just learn to deal with it, otherwise you will need to quit your job and find a new place to go.


Energy vampires are sneaky and attractive.  They will be smart, good looking and fun to be around, at first.  You will have a high opinion of them, and they will have one of themselves, until you get to know them.

Sometimes, you will bring them into your circle, and they will make you feel strong and important.  This can make wherever you are more exciting.

Be aware that they are just testing you and setting you up so they can take advantage of your energies.  They will seem perfect and very innocent at first but later, you will see that they are doing things that cause you to make compromises in and outside of yourself.  These people will make you choice to do things morally wrong and will never take responsibility for what they do or what they caused you to do.  You could easily be the one that has to take the blame when things go awry.


Take time to find out if you are dealing with an energy vampire and if you are, move on before it becomes too late.


  1. It’s true that certain individuals can have a draining effect on one’s energy. The suggestion to evaluate the true impact of such individuals on one’s happiness is a valuable takeaway.

  2. I appreciate the article’s emphasis on self-reflection and lifestyle improvements as a way to build emotional resilience. These are practical steps that anyone can take to protect their well-being.

  3. This article gives a detailed explanation of the term ‘energy vampire.’ It’s interesting how it emphasizes self-awareness and understanding one’s own emotions as a defense mechanism against such individuals.

  4. The advice on emotional strength and self-care seems practical. Understanding one’s own limits and motivations could indeed help in managing relationships with challenging people.

  5. The description of energy vampires being initially attractive and engaging is quite insightful. It’s a reminder to be cautious and observant about the dynamics in our personal and professional relationships.


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