Breaking Free from Soul Contracts


A soul contract is a relationship that you will have with someone that forms unconditional love. People are always searching who their soul contract is and they will work to unite with their contract. This can be a partner, a sister, a brother a mother or a different kind of person but it can be a relationship that can be helpful in your life.

This soul contract can be an obstacle in your life that will prevent you from realizing that you have not met your dreams yet. But on the other hand, you might find another friend that will end up being your best friend that will help you to reach your dreams and to succeed in your business.

When a soul contract gets in your way, it can confuse you and some people have tried to find their real love but do not succeed. A soul contract can block you from going further.

Soul Contracts to Get Rid of

Some soul contracts are common, and they can cause you to have blockages in your life. If you want to start your own business or if you want to do things that make you stand out, you might need to release yourself from your soul contract and you need to go on your own path.


If you have problem saying no to things, you will have trouble reaching your desires or your dreams. Do you feel that you are always sacrificing your own needs in order to help others and end up feeling alone and upset?  If this happens, it can leave you feeling exhausted.

You will feel that you are selfish, and you do everything for your soul contract and if this happens, you need to get rid of this soul contract and learn to take care of your own self.


When you have disappointment after disappointment and you still haven’t found your soul mate, chances are that you have a soul contract that is lonely. You need to manage your life and to get rid of these contracts so that you can find the love you are looking for.


Feeling worried and anxious can cause you to not be able to believe in your self-worth. This soul contract can make you feel that you are not normal and that you have too much going on.


This soul contract can be when you defend lovers and friends no matter what they do to you. You will allow people to leave you feeling depressed and lonely and even stuck in some of the choices you have to make.

Try to change your relationships and do not focus on giving up on people but focusing more on yourself.

Freeing Yourself from Soul Contracts

You must understand that you can break these soul contracts if you want to. You have to learn to understand the agreement, first of all, and learn how they are hurting you.

The next thing that you have to do is make sure that you are aware of what the problem is and that you realize that you have to put your own needs above other people. You will see patterns in your behavior, and you will need to learn to stop sacrificing yourself for others.

When you know the contract, you will be clearer, and you will realize that you have created something in your life that needs to change. You need to make different decisions and get over some of the contracts that are holding you back.