Karmic Relationships


Have you ever known a couple that would tell you that their relationship seemed to take no effort at all because it was a perfect relationship with the right person?  You can debate this, but some couples are genuinely happy.  But what happens when you face the complete opposite situation in your relationship?  What if it feels like you are always struggling and having a difficult time connecting with your partner?  If this is the case, chances are you are in a karmic relationship.

When you are in a relationship that is hard to deal with and frustrating, some believe that karma is dealing you a bad hand.  But according to some astrologers, when a person comes into your life, it is because they have an agreement with your soul.  They have a contract on you, and this is a karmic relationship.  This can be a challenge to you and can be hard to deal with, especially since it is a stronger version of who we are.

The purpose of this type of relationship is to learn a life lesson.  The hardest part of this relationship is that it will transform you.  Even if you realize the person is there to teach you something, you can get upset but still learn to love them.

This can be a hard relationship to deal with especially if it seems like it is all bad.  Sometimes, we are destined to be in these relationships so that we can become clear on who we know we are and learn to make better choices in life.

Knowing if You are In a Karmic Relationship

If you think that you are possibly in a karmic relationship, this could be true.  See if these signs match what you are going through.

High Energy

If you are with a karmic relationship, you will usually start out good and everything will seem perfect and fun.  At some point though, your partner will not longer please you and it stops being fun.  Even when this phase comes, you still are connected to each other.  All relationships are hard to deal with and these can be karmic relationships.  If your body feels different and challenging, that is probably karmic.

Red Flags

If your partner has to always be the one in control, this can be a red flag.  There are different triggers that we all have and sometimes when you question what your partner is doing, you might be noticing things about them and quirks that they have that you didn’t notice before.  When you justify them for what they are doing, this can mean that you are seeing red flags.  Don’t ignore them.

When these things happen, this relationship might be teaching you to stand up for who you are.

Crazy Emotions

A karmic relationship will bring you a lot of emotions.  These relationships are hard, but you will be drawn to that person and the good qualities that they do have.  This makes leaving the relationship hard.  It is normal not to love each and everything about your partner, but if karma is playing a role in this, then you will have goo vibes an irritation at the same time.

What Should You Do?

If you find that you are in a karmic relationship, this can turn bad fast.  You have to find out if your situation is mental, physical or emotional and if there is any type of abuse.  If there is, you have to leave the relationship right away.  Get help and talk to a therapist or a friend.

Even if you have a karmic relationship that isn’t abusive, but is still terrible, notice this and move on.  Make sure that you can leave the relationship.  Or, if you want to try, try to fix it and make it better.  Go to a therapist and talk about it and take care of yourself and try to fix things.  If this doesn’t work, you have to find yourself a relationship that allows you to love yourself.  Take come kind of action in the relationship.

Karmic Relationships and Growing

Not everyone has to go through karmic relationships.  Once you have your self-wroth, you will start to find partners that are respectful and kind to you.  You will find people that will love you like you love them, and you will learn to get rid of those that don’t.  You don’t have to stay in a bad relationship for years.  Just move on faster if it is not good.

Each relationship will have ups and downs and no matter what you do, you will learn from each things that you go through.   It is better to learn from a healthy dynamic than to be with someone that isn’t kind to you.  Move on when you need to and learn to be happy.