Solar Plexus Blockage


When you have a blockage in your chakra, it can cause you pain and heartache.  A blockage in the solar plexus or the third chakra can be a serious thing because it is where you feel your self-worth.  The chakras help to balance you and make life easier to face.  When these chakras become blocked, you might have a hard time healing from past or present trauma.


There are different things that you will notice when your solar plexus chakra is blocked.  When it is clear, you will be confident and fun.  You will have strength and be able to handle anything.  When this chakra is balanced, you will have boundaries and be happy without judging or being mad at yourself.

When your self-confidence comes, this is part of your third chakra and an imbalance can leave you feeling blocked such as:

  • Not being able to have boundaries.
  • Feeling unworthy.
  • Having bad self-esteem.
  • Depending on others.
  • Having no self-control.
  • Being depressed.
  • Being stressed and anxious.
  • Facing addiction

Most people have some type of blocks and this happens because of the energy around us.  These can leave us feeling like we have no energy or make us feel sick.

The good news is that we can fix this, and we can change the blockage of our chakras by doing a few things that are good for us.

The solar plexus chakra is important to keep you healthy in your body and is tied to stomach and digestive issues.

When your third chakra is blocked, it can cause you to have:

• Stomach Issues
• Gas
• Ulcers
• Hypoglycemia
• Diabetes
• Respiratory Problems
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Kidney problems
• Liver damage
• Fibromyalgia.
• Nerve pain.
• Having a hard time losing weight.
• Weight gain.

Unblocking the Solar Plexus

If you want to unblock your solar plexus, you can do this and get back to being healthy and free.  When you have it blocked, you will continue to feel bad and not have the energy you need to make it through the day.

You have to learn to heal and be able to stop the blockage so that you can balance your chakras.  You can do this through meditation.  Everyone has the power to heal themselves at home through meditation.  Remember that the third chakra is associated with the color yellow so you can wear something yellow or bring yellow into your room when you are going to meditate.

Surround yourself with candles and wear things that are yellow.  Eat fruits beforehand or other foods that are yellow such as bananas or peppers.  Spend time in the sun so that you can strengthen your core.  Practice yoga and be positive about your healing.